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Hengyang Xinxin Electrical Special Transformer Co. Ltd.
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  Hengyang Xinxin Electrical Special Transformer Co. Ltd has a advantageous and accessible geographic position in Hengyang City, as it nears not only the National Route 107 and the Xiang River, but also some significant railroads like Beijing-Guangzhou Line. Until now, the company has had a history of over 30 years producing transformers, mainly including special ones of various kinds, power ones, air-immersed ones and box substations, and also has made much headway: a single furnace transformer can hold 63000kVA and a rectifier transformer can do 50000kVA. Furthermore, their output current has reached 185000kA and voltage grades are respectively 110kV, 35kV and 10kV. Their welcome products have been sold to the whole country and exported to South-east Asia.

  There are 218 stable employees in the company, including 38 with a title of middle rank, 116 with a vocational college diploma and above and 12 senior engineers. All the staffs are reasonably allocated and have a strong spirit of cooperation. Complete and feasible regulations also have been established and everyone’s duty was clearly known. Besides, the company is well-equipped and has the latest technology. In June 2001, it met the requirements of ISO9001:2000 (meaning it was recognized by Quality Management System). Moreover, many special honors have been gained such as Top Ten Star Enterprises in Hengyang and Gold Prize of Science in Hunan.

  For a long time, creating high-tech products has been their consistent aim, and with years of research and exploration, great ability of developing and designing has been gained. At present, the company has owned 6 national patents and over 10 kinds of transformers with hundreds of specifications. Among them, their 110kV direct step-down special transformers lead the field in this industry and possess a considerable share of market. What’s more, the gap in the market and technology has been filled by this kind of transformer and their high-current rectifier transformer, which were also determined as a high-tech product by Hall of Science and Technology in Hunan Province.

  The characteristics of their products include detailed works, low loss, soft noise, environmentally-friendliness and so on, enabling them to win a immense market so that their products are widely used in large domestic projects such as those about urban construction and power stations. In the meantime, international market is being actively exploited. Now with the joint effort of all the staffs, the quality is in a high level and lots of high opinions have been received.

  Main products in the company also include furnace transformer, rectifier transformer and power transformer which are 110KV or under. Presently, there has been a distinctive, effective and practical designing plan aimed at different industry for the three types of transformers, which has been commended by consumers. While maintaining the competitive edge, the structure of products will get optimized further and major brands and plans get apparent to make traditional products become perfect. It’s predicable that along with the increasing market needs and strengthening power of the company, a greater prospect will be viewed.

  To meet the needs of the market, the company expropriated about 6-hectare land in the base of electric transmission-transformation industry, which is in economic development zone of Hengyang, and was ready to establish the project of 220kV special transformer. Now this industry has become significant to Hengyang and the company is one of the enterprises in the base. The gross investment in the first phase is 61 million RMB and it is predicted that the project will be complete in October, 2010 with one-year establishing period. At that time, 2000000kVA will be added into annual transformer output, and annual revenues will increase 212.44 million RMB along with 68.77 million RMB of annual profits and taxes. In the second phase, the gross investment is 50 million RMB. After its completion, the annual output will increase 6000000kVA and revenues will do about 600 million RMB. For now, digital transformer is being researched and developed into a main and profitable product in the company.

  The developing strategy is to be innovative after laying a solid foundation. On the premise of their traditional business developing steadily, new business will be created and tries to control a commanding point in this industry to make more profit for the company. Moreover, according to the changes of the market and consumers’ needs, the ability and technology will be improved and more unique designing plans will be provided to repay investors and consumers, so in few years this edge may expand. It can be believed that this reasonable, beneficial and constant strategy foreshadows a bright future even though now it is against a background of global financial crisis.

  Sunshine always comes after raining. All the staffs in the company will unite as one and try seizing opportunities the crisis has brought, to make the company climb to a new level!


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