Notice on Visa, Residence and Stay Certificate Application
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1.For the applying for the extension, renewal, reissue of visa or residence certificate, and stay permit, foreigners shall go through relevant procedures in the Exit-entry Administration Department of the public security bureau in person. The applicant must have a “face-to-face” in person interview, unless they are under 16 or over 60, or, due to a physical disability, it would be inconvenient to travel or apply in person, for an extension of residence permit. For these applicants, a family member, or a service agency, may represent the applicant and submit the application on their behalf. A copy of the representative’s identification card is required. It is possible, even in these instances, that the Exit-Entry Administration Department may require the applicant to be present in person in which case the applicant will be notified that an interview is necessary and that the applicant must attend the interview in person.

2.In applying for a residence certificate, foreigners shall go through relevant procedures in the Exit-entry Administration Department of the public security bureau in person. If the applicant falls under the category of high-level talent needed by our country and their expertise is urgently needed, in line with the first item of preceding paragraph, the host institution or individual, relatives of the applicant or related service institutions can apply on behalf of the applicant.

3.Applying for visas, foreigners shall be subject to related inquiries of Exit-entry Administration Department of the public security organ. Related institutions (or individuals) shall cooperate if the Exit-entry Administration Department of the public security organ verifies relevant information with the host institution (individual). The Exit-entry Administration Department of the public security bureau may refuse to issue visas according to law if the applicant, related institutions, or individuals, without any justified reason, fails to be interviewed within the agreed time in line with the notification of Exit-entry Administration Department of public security bureau.

4.Applying for visas, foreigners shall submit their valid passports or other international travelling documents, fill in Visa Application Form, submit a photo conforming to specialized requirements and relevant certification materials concerned objects of application.

5.Exit-entry Administration Department of public security organ shall accept and issue a receipt for applications conforming to requirements for acceptance after being reviewed, and make decision to issue or not within the validity of the receipt. The receipt of application of visa and stay permit is valid within 7 working days of the acceptance date; the receipt of application of residence certificate is valid within 15 working days as of the acceptance date.

Office Time/Address 

In Changsha, the application files are accepted by the Entry-Exit Administration of the Public Security Bureau. 

The Entry-Exit Administration Reception Hall of the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau [长沙市公安局人口与出入境接待大厅]

Add.: No. 30, Jindun Road, southwest side of the intersection of Xiangzhang Road and Guitang Road, Yuhua District, Changsha [长沙市雨花区香樟路与圭塘路交汇处西南侧金盾路30号]

Office hours: Monday-Friday (except statutory holidays)

9:00-12:00; 13:30-17:30 (July 1-September 30)

9:00-12:00; 13:00-17:00 (October 1 - June 30 next year)

Tel: 0731-82290001; 0731-96111

Chinese Source: Hunan Public Security Online Service (fwpt.hnga.gov.cn )

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