Notice to Overseas Children Applying for Residence Permit for Foster Care
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Target Applicants: Children of overseas Chinese or Chinese with overseas nationality aged under 18, for foster care in mainland China.

Application Requirements: Stay in China for over 6 consecutive months.

Accepting Office:

Division of Exit-entry Administration of Local Public Security Bureau in Foster Care Area

Application Procedure:

(i) Completely filled VISA AND RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION FORM with recent half-length, blue background, bareheaded, full-faced 2-inch color photo.

(ii) Submit valid original and photocopy Receipt of China Visa. (printed on A4 paper)

(iii) Submit copies of Birth Certificate for verification.

(iv) Submit copies of passports of overseas parents or Chinese passports of parents with Chinese nationality and Permanent Residence Certificate.

(v) Submit copies of residence booklet and Identity Card of guardians;

(vi) Notarized Power of Attorney for Foster Care by parents of applicants.

(7) Registration Form of Temporary Residence filled and sent by local Police Station.

Application for foster care should include reasons, appointing guardian, period of foster care and foster children’s parents' resume (including nationality,profession or status,time of deport,time of getting residency and time of obtaining overseas nationality.) 

Verification of the notarized written Guarantee of trustee should include:

1. Basic information of lease holder (including name,work unit,profession,home address and relationship with foster child)

2. Basic information about the foster child (including name,date of birth and birth place);

3. Acceptance from the foster parent;

4. Guarantee of foster child's regular deports. Guardian's guarantee bond shall be notarized by Notary organ.

Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn



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