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Huang Kecheng (1902,10,1-1986,12,28)
From:湖南省政府网 | Date Add in:2019-07-25 10:31:00 [A  A]


  Huang Kecheng, a native of Yongxing, Hunan, was named Shixuan according to his seniority in his family. He was admitted to the provincial No.3 Normal School in Hengyang, and joined the academic movement launched by the No.3 Normal School in March, 1923, during which he got to know about the advanced revolution ideas at that time, and therefore became determined to find a way for our nation, ethic groups and society to save themselves. He became a member of the Chinese Communist Party in 1925. He participated in the Northern Expedition and the Xiangnan Uprising. In July, 1926, he followed the frontier political publicity department of the Northern Expedition to Hengyang, and took on the post as the administrative office assistant of the political instructor of No.13 regiment, the No.4 Division, the No.8 contingent led by Tang Shengzhi. He also joined the Long March. After the PRC (People's Republic of China) got established, he assumed posts in turn as the secretary of the provincial Party committee in Hunan, commander of Hunan military region, political commissar, deputy chief of the general staff of the PLA and chief of the general logistics department, political commissar, the secretary-general of central military commission, deputy minister of the defense apartment, the eighth secretary of the secretariat of the Central Party Committee, and the chief of the general staff of the PLA. In July, 1959, he was wrongly judged as a member of the anti-Party group headed by Peng Dehuai, Huang Kecheng, Zhang Wentian, Zhou Xiaozhou, and got dismisses from his post later. After that, he also suffered great mistreatment during the Cultural Revolution, but was vindicated to be blameless in 1978. After 1977, he assumed posts of the adviser of the Central Military, the executive secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Second Secretary of the secretariat of the Central Party Committee. And he was entitled as the senior general in 1955. He was also the member of the first and second national defense council, and member of the first standing committee of the National People's Congress and the fifth of the CPPCC (the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference), and member of the seventh, eighth, and eleventh Central Party Committee.


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