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enghengyang.gov.cn is the official website for Hengyang Municipal People`s Government. As the general platform for message distribution for all the city agencies in the Hengyang municipality, the website opens a window for all city agencies to connect with the world and offers a web portal for any international organization and individual to get online information, services and resources about this city.
Key Tasks  
The key tasks of the website are: to transfer and release messages from Hengyang municipality on the Internet; to establish an Internet message channel between the government, citizens and enterprises or agencies home and abroad; to enable the government to provide online services such as citizen-oriented public affairs and administrative approvals.
Main Purposes
As the government’s official web portal, enghengyang.gov.cn aims to make it available for the international community to get Hengyang government online information and services. It also aims to provide international organizations and individuals who have interests in Hengyang’ development and those international friends who currently study, work and travel in Hengyang with comprehensive, accurate and timely information for work, life, investment and entertainment.
The Website includes the following columns: News and Notice, About Hengyang, Tourism, Investment, Life, E-Government, Online Services and Scenic Spots.
The Website is technically supported and maintained by Modern Education Technology Center (METC) of Hengyang Normal University which functions as the message distributor, routing manager and operator of the website, as well as service communicator and coordinator with the intranet of municipality agencies and district or county governments.
Hengyang Normal University, founded in 1904, is located in Hengyang—the second greatest city of Hunan Province. After development of more than 100 years, Hengyang Normal University now has 17 departments and 38 undergraduate programs. There are 631 scientific research programs with more than 20 ones of national level. Since its founding, the university has educated nearly 200,000 students, with over 15,000 undergraduates studying on campus. This university warmly welcomes international friends to teach or study here.
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