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Article List
[1954376] Contact lens must not be worn during outbreak?
 Contact lenses can be used as long as they are kept clean, said Ye Jian, an ophthalmologist of Daping Hospital in Chongqing municipality.  ---- LastUpdate:2020-04-07
[1954369] Does sharing thermometer spread coronavirus?
 The shared thermometer used in hospitals and other public health institutes are disinfected after one use to kill the virus. Do remember to wash hands carefully and avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with uncleaned hands as the virus may enter your body through these mucosal tissue. Give special protection to broken skin to prevent the virus from entering from the broken parts.  ---- LastUpdate:2020-04-07
[1954295] Can hot/humid climates stop spread of COVID-19?
 From the evidence so far, the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in ALL AREAS, including areas with hot and humid weather, according to the World Health Organization.  ---- LastUpdate:2020-04-07
[1954170] Can eating garlic help prevent infection with the new coronavirus?
 There is no evidence that eating garlic does help, although garlic is a healthy food that may have some antimicrobial properties.  ---- LastUpdate:2020-04-07
[1954153] Can sun exposure kill the novel coronavirus?
 Sun exposure cannot kill the novel coronavirus. The irradiation temperature of the sun cannot reach 56 C, and the ultraviolet rays cannot reach the intensity of ultraviolet lamps, so the virus can't be killed by the sun.  ---- LastUpdate:2020-04-07
[1954151] Can taking a hot bath or using air conditioning kill the novel coronavirus?
 Taking a hot bath or blowing air conditioning cannot kill the novel coronavirus. Although the novel coronavirus is vulnerable to heat, it can only be effectively inactivated after exposure to a 56 C temperature for over 30 minutes.  ---- LastUpdate:2020-04-07
[1953966] Can coronavirus be spread through the air?
 The virus that causes COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through "respiratory droplets and close contacts", and it doesn't seem to stay long in the air, according to a recent publication released by the World Health Organization. According to the publication on the WHO's official website, respiratory infections can be transmitted through droplets of different sizes.  ---- LastUpdate:2020-04-07
[1953944] Can pets spread the new coronavirus?
 Rumors said companion pets, such as dogs or cats, can be infected with the new coronavirus. The fact is, at present, there's no evidence companion animals can be infected with the new coronavirus.   ---- LastUpdate:2020-04-07
[221227] How are hotels rated?
 Hotels are assessed according to five classes based on their services, building scale, inner decoration, facilities and equipment, and management. Hotels are star-rated from one to five.  ---- LastUpdate:2016-10-09
[221179] How are tourist areas and spots rated?
  Tourist areas and spots in China are classed in four categories, from 4A to A. The lower the number of As, the lower the importance of the site. Tourist sites are evaluated in three areas - the service and the environment, the landscape and tourists' impressions - as stipulated in related rules.   ---- LastUpdate:2016-10-09
[212430] What are the main FAQ on foreign-capital and joint investment enterprises?Thank you!
 1.Is it permitted for Chinese individuals to establish an enterprise in Mainland China jointly with a foreign enterprise? It is not permitted for Chinese-natured persons to establish a Sino-foreign joint venture with any foreign investor.  ---- LastUpdate:2016-10-09
[212459] How can I make international calls from my hotel?
   ---- LastUpdate:2016-10-09
[212500] What laws and regulations should tourists abide by in traveling?
   ---- LastUpdate:2016-10-09
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