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The Third Industry in Hengyang
From:衡阳市党政门户网 | Date Add in:2021-09-25 12:11:10 [A  A]

 Current Situation: In the year 2008, Hengyang`s gross value of production is ¥100.009 billion, 23.575 billion of which is from the first industry (with increase rate of 5.3%), 41.236 of which is from the second industry (with increase rate of  14.5%), and 35.198 billion is from the third industry (with increase rate of 12.6%). The average GDP is ¥13,670 per person, with the increase rate of 11.6%.  

The economic structure is on improvement, and the third industry takes the biggest share. The three industries` proportion to the GDP of Hengyang: the first industry 23.57%; the second industry 41.24% and the third industry 35.19%.  


Features of Third Industry:  

1).  Vibrant markets for consumer goods. The city`s gross value for consumer goods retail is ¥33.564 billion, with the increase rate of 23.2%, deducting the inflated prices, the net increase rate is 18.2%. Regionally, among the gross value, the Hengyang urban retail gross takes up to ¥17.189 billion (increase rate 25.4%), and the township or rural retail gross value amounts to ¥16.375 billion (increase rate 21.1%) . In terms of trades, wholesale and retail circle`s share is ¥27.183 billion (increase rate 23.0%) , boarding and dining circle`s share is ¥0.6233 billion (increase rate 24.5%) , and the other trades` share is ¥0.148 billion (increase rate 13.6%) . 

2). Rapid Change of Consumption Structure. The automobile retail volume is ¥0.405 billion (increase rate 46.2%); Telecom gadgets` retail volume is ¥0.036 billion (increase rate 44.0%); Household electric appliance and audio-video appliances` retail volume is ¥0.533 billion (increase rate 23.3%) ; Jewelry`s retail share is ¥0.16 billion (increase rate 54.5%). 

3).  Fast Growth in Export Gross. Hengyang`s gross volume of imports and exports is ¥1.075 billion (increase rate 26.0%); among the gross volume, 0.889 billion is from exports (increase rate 48.9%) and 0.186 billion from imports (decrease rate 27.2%) ; Private enterprises` imports-exports is 0.058 billion (increase rate 74.2%); steel exports share is 0.713 billion (increase rate 65.7%); Silver exports share is 0.072 billion (decrease rate 16.8%).  

4). Steady Advances to Attract Investments. The overseas investments into Hengyang has reached ¥0.326 billion (increase rate 28.4%). Among that sum, the manufacturing trade takes up to¥0.294 billion (increase rate 55.1%). The investments from home country sums up to ¥14.076 billion (increase rate 34.3%).

5). Thriving Tourism. In the year 2008, Hengyang received 10.9941 million tourists from home or abroad, with the increase rate of 34.2% than that of previous year. The total revenue from tourism is ¥5.430 billion (increased by 36.6). The foreign exchange income totals $105 million, increased 45.0% than the previous year. In terms of tourist comers, 171,000 are from overseas (increased by 40.0%), 2.697 million are from travel groups (increased by 27.1%).  


6). Firm Financial Services: By the end of the year 2008, the financial organizations` net savings has reached ¥92.881 billion, increased 15.9 than the previous year. Among the savings, ¥13.376 billion is from enterprises (increased 11.2%); ¥70.80 billion deposits from residents (increased 17.4%). The net financial profit of the whole prefecture is ¥0.882 billion, increased by ¥0.462 billion than the previous year.  

7). To a Sound Insurance System: In 2008, Hengyang`s total insurance insurance premium is ¥2.773 billion (increased 47.9%). Among the total sum, ¥692.0 million is from property insurance (increased 42.2%); ¥2081.0 million is from life insurance (increased 50.1%).

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