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Ouyang Hai
From:衡阳市党政门户网 | Date Add in:2021-09-25 17:04:40 [A  A]

   Ouyang Hai was a native of Guiyang, Hunan Province. Ouyang joined the Chinese People's Liberation Army in 1959, and became a member of the Chinese Communist Party in 1960. On December 18th, 1963, during Ouyang's training in a barrack in Hengdong county with a troop, they came across a rumbling train that was running northward to Wuhan while was walking along the Beijing-Guangzhou railway. Right at that time, a horse carrying a gun carriage rushed toward the railway out of the sudden noise. Sensing the emergency, Ouyang jumped on the railway immediately, and managed to push that horse off the railway. Hence, a potential serious accident of train derailment was avoided, but Ouyang sacrificed himself unfortunately. To commemorate him, people set up right beside the railway the “Martyrs Monument of Ouyang Hai”.

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