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Geographical Location of Hengyang in China
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Located in the middle of Southern Hunan province, along the middle stretch of the Xiang River, Hengyang stretches from 110°32′16″ to 113°16′32″ east of longitude and from 26°07′05″ to 27°28′24″ north of latitude, covering a total area of 15,310 square kilometers. It is bordered by the cities of Zhuzhou, Youxian and Anren on the east, Yongxing and Guiyang on the south, Lengshuitan, Qiyang, Dongan, Shaoyang and Shaodong on the west and Shuangfeng and Xiangtan on the north. The width of the city from east to west is about 173 kilometers, and the length from north to south is about 150 kilometers. The Xiang River, the longest river (226 kilometers) within the city`s boundaries, runs through almost all the surrounding counties. Hengyang has always been called a "Universal Beauty" with a mild climate, spectacular mountains and rivers and a beautiful landscape. Legend says that "wild geese fly from north to south, here to rest and wheel", so it is also named "Wild Goose City".

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