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Transportation in Hengyang
From:衡阳市党政门户网 | Date Add in:2022-03-29 10:32:59 [A  A]

  Hengyang boasts an efficient network of transportation, which mainly consists of road, rail, water, and aviation.  



Public transport  

Buses are the main mode of public transport in Hengyang. The bus network is currently run by five companies (Renyou,Hengyang,Yanxiang,Shicheng and Wanzhong),which provide more than 64 lines, as well as taxis, which connect all parts of the city with suburban areas. Regular buses only cost 1 yuan or 2 yuan for air- conditioned buses.  

Two bus terminals are located in the city. One is the Hengyang West Terminal which is located in downtown and operates provincial lines and inter-city lines in northern and western directions. Another is LingHu Terminal which operates lines in the southern and eastern directions and is located on the edge of the city.  




Provincial highways  

As an important regional hub in southern Hunan, Hengyang is well-connected with all parts of Hunan by provincial highways. Express highways such as Heng-Cha, Heng-Shao, Tan-Heng, Heng-Yue, Yi-Lou-Heng, Cha-Qi, allow quick and convenient travel to Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, and other important cities.  


Chinese National Highways  

Hengyang is accessible by two Chinese National Highways, Route 107 (Beijing-Shenzhen, with a total length of 2,698 km) and Route 322 (Hengyang-Guangxi with a total length of 1,039 km). These highways will connect Hengyang with the rest of the country and allow its economy to develop rapidly.  




Rail transport is the most commonly used mode of long-distance transportation in Hengyang. Hengyang is one of the 45 highway hubs in China.  The Jing-Zhu Highway (Beijing to Zhuhai) and Heng-Kun Highway (Hengyang to Kunming) intersect here.  

Two main railway lines intersect at Hengyang, the Jing Guang line (from Beijing to Guangzhou) and Xiang Gui line (from Hengyang to Nanning). The Hengyang Railway Station is one of the ten largest train stations in China and is recognized as one of the extra-premium level stations. More than 100 trains pass by and stop at Hengyang Railway Station, making it one of the busiest stations all over the country and connecting it to most cities of China. City bus routes 1, K1, 7, 16, 18, 25, 24, 27, 36, 37 and K38 all stop at the station.  


The new Hengyang East Railway Station is served by the Wuhan�Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, which is a 968-kilometre high-speed rail line, operated by the China Railway High-speed (CRH). It is the world`s fastest rail service, using trains that average 313 kilometers per hour (194 mph) in non-stop commercial service. The travel time from Changsha to Wuhan is lessened from three hours to one and a half hours.  

The line is part of the future 2100-km long Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway. The Beijing-Shijiazhuang and Shijiazhuang-Wuhan sections are still under construction and expected to be opened in 2012.  



Hengyang is surrounded by major rivers, including Xiang, Leishui, Zhengshui and Mishui. The port of Hengyang is located on South Xiang River Road, received more than 94.85 million tons in 2010. The port, which totals 39.1 square kilometers, is comprised of 3 berths, of which two are of 1,000 tonnage class and one is dedicated for liquid chemical products.  



The Hengyang Nanyue airport, located next to the Hengyang Railway Station, was built in September 1929 and played an important role during the early years of the People`s Republic of China. And in the near future, the new civil airport is located in Hengnan District. The new airport, about 180 km away from the Changsha Huanghua International Airport, has been under construction since the end of 2009, and it has already become the fourth civil airport in Hunan province.  




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