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Work Aptly Done by Shigu Government in the Publicity, Advising, and Law Enforcement of Funeral Reform
From:e-Government | Date Add in:2016-10-10 14:55:00 [A  A]
  The funeral reform is an important step of changing the social custom, the revolution of breaking feudal conventional custom which has lasted for thousands of years, and the necessary requirement of building a new type of city. So the difficulty and resistance in pushing ahead the work is imaginable, and it is no exaggeration to say that the reform is one of the most difficult work of family planning in the world. And Shugu government has taken positive and effective measures, and has overcome the difficulty and launched work with full awareness of the seriousness of the reform.

   Since the meeting of promoting the work of funeral reform within the district was held on April 29th, the whole district has pushed ahead the reform centering on the the principle of the Three Must and Six Certainty. On the publicity of the reform, it has sent out brochures to every household, and let the publicity vehicle of broadcasting law enforcement move in the street to do the advertising. It has also had patrols on duty in the district giving publicity with portable loudspeaker in residential buildings from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.. And with the sound being made by these little loudspeakers, it has also got blown into people`s minds. What has been adopted is a way of publicity which has a wide coverage, and appears in various forms, and can be achieved through different channels. And in this way, the burial reform has become clear, easy to understand,and known to everyone, and has improved people`s understanding of the reform, promoted the thought transformation among the mass, which has made them break from outdated ideas consciously, improved their consciousness of being a part in the funeral reform, and helped to lay a solid ideological foundation for the reform to proceed smoothly in the district.

   In the work of the funeral reform, Shigu government insists on taking people as the foremost and performing well in people-related work. And as to the mourning halls built illegally, the street and community officers try to know about the situation of the mourning family firstly, and make the work proceed in a polite way. While trying to convince and guide people, every street and community has also put emphasis on the service, set up special ledgers old people, tracked the movement of the old people, taken care of the old people, and solved the difficulty of 3 mourning families, which make more mourning families willing to report the death to communities, and has led to the success in persuading 6 mourning families into demolishing the mourning halls which were built by themselves within the district in May.

   The team of the funeral reform and law enforcement of the Shigu government are of high quality and are tough enough, and they know about law and can devote to work wholeheartedly.They are determined to give lessons to people who don`t listen to the dissuasion and try to get in the way of the law enforcement during the funeral reform, showing no mercy and fear during the law enforcement. Since May, facilities in 15 mourning hall have got taken over. Due to the apt measures taken in the reform and the strict law enforcement, the situation of building mourning halls illegally within urban areas has got controlled and the work of the funeral reform has gradually went on the track of benign development. 

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