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Letter of Commitment made by Food Manufacturers
From:e-Government | Date Add in:2016-10-10 15:03:00 [A  A]

Distinguished leaders and guests:

  I am the general manager of Wangyi Group and I am very honored to make a promise of the food safety on behalf of all the food manufacturers and food retailers on the launching ceremony of Hengyang Food Safety Propaganda Week.

  Wangyi Group always sticks to the core value of the industrial management “Honesty is the key” to ensure the legal benefits of all the consumers and the nice image of the food retailers, and to ensure the food safety. My company seriously makes the promise and suggestion on this launching ceremony of the food safety publicity week:

  Firstly, as food manufacturers, we would always adhere to the living philosophy of honesty and strengthen the food safety responsibilities consciousness. With honesty as the living philosophy of the food manufacturers, my company would clearly be aware of the thought that manufacturers should be the first one to shoulder the responsibility of food safety.We would produce high-quality food to get consumers’trust.

  Secondly, as legal producers, we would abide by the relevant laws and regulations and run the company lawfully. With learning laws, knowing laws and abiding by laws as the basic laving philosophy of food manufacturers, we would learn the laws and abide by the laws honestly. We would be seriously strict with the food quality and perform the regulations of raw materials and products supervision. We would never buy, sell and store any food that do not meet the food standards.

  Thirdly, as food retailers, we would strengthen the interior management and the awareness to offer service to all people. We would strengthen the training of the employers, improve the related food safety knowledge of employers, strengthen employers’ sense of social responsibilities and generally improve the overall food safety consciousness. The ultimate goal is to offer the consumers with satisfactory service.

  Forth, as a social member, we would positively accept the supervision of all social members and cooperate with the governmental department to complete the food quality supervision and daily quality checking.

  We would welcome all kinds of supervision from all social members and would patiently deal with any problems put forward by consumers to make more contributions to the development of Hengyang.

Wangyi Group
July 10th 2014




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