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Hengyang held the first eco-development project dispatch meeting in 2016
From:hy | Date Add in:2016-05-29 02:06:42 [A  A]

  The morning of March 24th, a dispatch meeting on eco-development was held Hengyang. Deng Qunce, Deputy Secretary of municipal party Committee stressed that departments at all levels must integrate understanding and strength, fulfill further responsibility, optimize the environment, and then, speed up the eco-development project.

  Deng said, this project is one of the key development projects. To build a beautiful Hengyang, related departments should attach great importance to it, especially the development of modern agriculture, new energy and integrated eco-environment controls.It's important for departments at all levels to know the significance of investment, seizing favorable conditions and invite investments, so as to set off an overall building boom.As to the overall planning and management, we need firmly establish just, real, realistic and effective principles to ensure implementation Project-related construction sector should do a good coordination and cooperation, work together to promote project-building healthily and orderly.
  Deng pointed out that ecological projects progress lags behind in the first season, only 6.5% of the annually investment plans was completed. To solve this problem, it's better to power and accelerate in it, strive for a halfway in both progress and investment;Directors in related sectors need distribute the responsibility and improve efficiency;When deals with lagged Items, we need to find it, analyze it, and blame certain person, ensuring that key projects progressed steadily according to schedule this year.
  At present, the city's ecological sector development rests on a foundation of key agricultural projects, which added more ecological repair new energy projects, laying a solid foundation for building a beautiful Hengyang.
  Vice Mayor Chen Jing took the Chair, city leaders Li ping, Liu Yunding participated in .


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