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Activity Implementation Plan for Two-type Society Construction in Hengyang in 2014 Awareness Month Activity Launching Ceremony and Low-carbon Energy Saving Square Awareness Day
From:e-Government | Date Add in:2016-10-09 15:50:00 [A  A]

1. Activity Theme
Join hands to construct two-type society, propel low carbon energy and build a beautiful Hengyang

2. Participants
(1) Rostrum
Executive vice-mayor of the Standing Committee, deputy director of the Two-type Society Construction Reform Coordination Committee, deputy head of the Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Leading Group: Duan Zhigang
Deputy director of the Municipal Peoples Congress: Li Huixing
Vice chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference: Li Anping
(2) The audience phalanx
Representatives of the energy conservation and emissions reduction work leading group, municipal corporation (Youth Palace) member, energy saving products enterprises, cycling association members, environmental protection volunteers etc.

3. Activity arrangements
(1)Time: 9 a.m. on June 14, 2014
(2)Location: Sun Plaza
(3)Activity Content: distributing publicity material and holding knowledge vies to answer first game about two-type society and energy saving (distribute energy saving gifts); holding ten clean low-carbon technology promotion activities, bus card、energy saving lamps and electrical appliance promotion; inviting cycling propaganda; choosing appropriate place in the main urban communities and the crowded place to hang publicity slogans about two-type society and energy saving.
(4)Agenda of the Launching Ceremony
Hosted by the director of Hengyang development and reform commission, director of the two-type society office Yintongjun
①Executive vice-mayor of the Standing Committee Duan Zhigang speaks and announces the opening of the two-type society construction in Hengyang in 2014 awareness month activity launching ceremony and low-carbon energy saving square awareness day activity
②The host announces the departure of cycling propaganda.

4. Organizers
(1) Organizers: Hengyang Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Corporation (Youth Palace)
(2) Co-organizers: Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction Work Leading Group, Hengyang Bus Company, Zhejiang ChengHui Lighting Company, Hangzhou Yuzhong Gaohong Lighting Electric Appliance Company, Zhejiang Shanpu Lighting Electric Appliance Company, Electric Appliance, Hot Wheels Bicycle Club etc.

5. The Venue Layout and Protection
(1) Layout of the Venue
①Use a mobile stage as rostrum, set two vertical microphones and put high-power stereo equipments in the Sun Plaza.
②Relevant units make brochure and photo exhibition board combined with the activity theme( specification: 1.2m*2.4m )
③Send publicity materials and exchange energy-saving lamps for free.
(2) Arrangement of Venue queue
The people which face the podium in turn to be the 40 members of the municipal leading group for energy conservation and emissions reduction, 50 members of business representatives, 100 members of cycling propaganda team and about 200 visitors.
(3) Protection of the Venue
①Conference Affairs Committee should prepare for the items and personnel before June 12.(host, sunshade, power supply, square contact, leader`s oration, activity
notice, mobile stage, cycling team, banner flag, mineral water, security)
②Security is under the charge of HuaXin Police Station.
(4)Publicizing and Reporting
The Media: Hengyang Daily, Hengyang Evening Newspaper, Hengyang TV, Hengyang Radio, Hengyang City Government Portal Website, Hengyang News Website.

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