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Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Tourism
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2023-07-28 12:01:47 [A  A]

The responsibilities of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Tourism are:

1. Studying and mapping out policies, regulations and mid- and long-term plans for municipal tourist development, implementing and supervising relevant guidelines, policies, laws of the state and province.

2. Researching and working out strategies to explore international tourist markets, organizing external propaganda of the city`s tourism image and great sales promotion, organizing and directing important tourism product explorations in the whole city, promoting and leading the work of utilizing foreign funds and social investment.

3. Cultivating and improving the domestic tourist market, studying, drawing out and implementing municipal measures to develop domestic tourism; instructing the tourist works of counties (cities) and districts.

4. Organizing the work of tourism resources` general survey and industry planning in the whole city, being responsible for municipal tourist areas and tourist spots` quality grade evaluation, as well as the work of putting resorts industry under centralized management; being in charge of organizing and instructing tourist statistical work.

5. Being responsible for organization, implementation, verification and approval of facility and service standards about all kinds of tourist areas (spots), resorts, tourist lodging, travel agencies, travel vehicles and special tourism projects designated by the state and province; examining, verifying and approving travel agencies running domestic and international tourist business, organizing and carrying out tourist hotels’ star standard and the work of star-rating, recommendation and reexamination; instructing the work of regulating municipal tourist safety and spiritual civilization construction.

6. Organizing and formulating policies and regulations about traveling to foreign countries, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region, Taiwan Region and border areas; supervising abroad, overseas tourist agencies established in the city according to law; directing municipal tourist international exchange and cooperation.

7. Taking charge of the supervision and inspection on tourism market order and service quality, accepting and handling tourism complaints, organizing the direction of law enforcement and inspection, helping other relevant departments to deal with tourism violations to safeguard the lawful rights of tourists.

8. Instructing tourist education and training works, forming and implementing plans of municipal tourism manpower training, guiding the relevant works of qualification and grade examination for employees in the tourist industry; coordinating relevant municipal academies about setting up tourism education and training; contacting and giving guidance to the tourist associations.

9. Directing the moral construction of tourist industry of the whole city.

10. Undertaking other duties assigned by the municipal Party committee and municipal government.

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