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Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2023-07-28 12:07:55 [A  A]

Add: First Lianhu Road, Hengyang
P.C.: 421001
Tel: 0734-8221046
Fax: 0734-8221046

Main responsibilities of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of  Commerce:
1. Implementing relevant policies, guidelines and regulations concerning finance, and then integrating with municipality`s realities to draw up local trade circulation industry`s standard document and put forward developing strategies and plans for local circulation industry.

2. Organizing marketing supply, supervising marketing operation; regulating,  controlling and storing goods which are important for people’s daily life, such as meat, vegetables, liquor, sugar, cotton, medicines and some other materials; being responsible for arranging and managing commercial developing funds; administering the enforcement of law and supervision about livestock fixed-point slaughterhouse.

3. In charge of planning municipal commodity markets and commercial networks; examining and approving newly-built markets and emporiums; managing commodity markets` coordinating service and supervision; with responsibility for administering commercial networks` construction funds and building all kinds of commercial facilities with foreign merchants.

4. Being responsible for managing municipal vegetable industry`s development and urban vegetables` production and marketing; organizing and implementing detection and supervision the quality of vegetables, which are offered up for sale, arranging vegetables` funds and materials; levying, using, supervising and administering the funds for exploiting and constructing new vegetable fields.

5. Monitoring, managing, keeping and adding value of state-owned assets of subordinate units; organizing and implementing the structure reformation of state-owned, collective enterprises and business industry, in order to propel structure adjustment, build up modern enterprises system, and reduce staff for greater efficiency; directing subordinate units to make up deficits and increase surpluses.

6. Administering, directing and coordinating municipal social business management, and also taking part in formulating and implementing commodity circulation, regulations of food service industry, restaurants and hotels classification; participating in classifying distribution firms` technical level, assessing technicians` qualification and issuing; instructing, supervising and managing corporations, such as circulation industry associations, academies, seminars and etc.; with responsibilities for the work of examining and approving the establishment about auction and second-hand goods  business-oriented enterprises, as well as issuing the dangerous chemical articles` business certificate; examining and approving the qualifications for used vehicle trading center`s establishment and the qualifications of scraped cars` recovery(disassembling) enterprises; being responsible for promulgating scraped cars` recovery certificates and authenticating the recycled qualification of scrap metal.

7. Harmonizing and undertaking municipal government`s synthetically coordination towards regional tobacco, petroleum, salt industry, state financial insurance and local commercial banks.

8. In charge of instructing, administering and comprehensively coordinating such industries as medicine, goods, commerce, market service center, etc, and directing cotton operation; guiding, synthesizing and giving service to each county (town) and district`s commerce and trade circulation departments.

9. Participating in appointing and dismissing, employing, training, rewards and punishment of all the leaders and cadres in the state-owned, collective and state-holding enterprises within the commerce and trade system; enhancing the capacity-building of ranks of cadres and workers.

10. Being responsible for directing and managing affiliated schools.

11. Undertaking other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee, municipal government and financial department at higher levels.





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