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Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Culture
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2023-07-28 12:08:48 [A  A]


Main Responsibilities of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Culture are:

1. Executing the Party and Nation`s guidelines, policies, laws and regulations about culture and art; studying and drafting out municipal policies and regulations about culture, while supervising and executing them.

2. Drafting the municipality`s developing strategies and developing planning concerning culture, coordinating the proportionate relationships of municipal culture development; instructing regional cultural industry`s restructure.

3. Drawing up the programming and policies on cultural industry, directing and coordinating the development of the industry; making overall arrangements of cultural and Cultural Relics undertakings` funds; planning and guiding the construction of major municipal cultural facilities.

4. Managing municipal culture and art undertakings, directing artistic recreation and production, focusing on fostering cultural and artistic brand, as well as professional art performance groups, which are representative, demonstrative and experimental, promoting the development of all kinds of art; the major municipal cultural activities are put under centralized management by it.

5. Administering municipal social cultural undertakings, mapping and carrying out development plan of it, while conducting the construction and development of all kinds; managing the operation of the public libraries.

6. Taking responsibility for directing, coordinating the work of managing, protecting, rescuing and excavating regional culture relics; auditing and declaring municipal, provincial and state key heritage conservation units; examining and approving units` qualifications of maintenance design and construction; supervising cultural relics market jointly with other department concerned.

7. In charge of the administration of the culture markets of the city, studying and carrying out the policies and develop scheme of the culture markets; guiding the municipal inspecting work of culture markets.

8. Managing films` release, studying out the develop plan of municipal film distribution and projection, and then organizing implementation.

9. Administering municipal cultural science, putting the cultural communication and cooperation between Hengyang and foreign countries, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), the Macao SAR and the region of Taiwan; drawing up the development plan and policies to facilitate the cultural communications between Hengyang and foreign countries, the Hong Kong SAR, the Macao SAR and the region of Taiwan.

10. Undertaking other duties assigned by the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and cultural bureaus at higher levels.


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