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Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Education
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2023-07-28 12:09:32 [A  A]

The responsibilities of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Education are:

1. Implementing state educational policies, laws, regulations and rules, supervising the execution on the basis of the situation of the city to draft specific measures of implementations and management system.

2. Studying and formulating the strategies of educational reform and development, the plans for education career development, annual plans, as well as the key points, structure, speed and execution steps of education development, directing and coordinating the implementation.

3. Managing basic education, vocational & technical education, middle professional education, adult education, infant education, special education, continued education and the works of eliminating illiteracy among young and middle-aged people in the whole city; managing the non-publicly funded schools in the whole city; being responsible for the work of coordination and service for various universities, technical institutes and colleges; reviewing and approving, within its terms of reference, the setting up, changes, renaming and termination of all academic institutions of secondary education.

4. Planning and instructing the work of the city`s ethnic minority education as a whole, coordinating education assistance for ethnic minority areas and distressed areas.

5. Organizing and instructing educational reform of the whole city, implementing urban education comprehensive reform, drafting the implementary measures of the education system and teaching methods` reform, guiding the reform of schools` internal management system, organizing teaching and researching activities, promoting educational and teaching management levels.

6. Managing educational appropriations of this department; drawing up policy rules, with relevant departments, of raising educational funds, educational appropriation and infrastructure investment, perfecting the system of educational funds management; examining and supervising fund raising, education fund allocation and education infrastructure investment etc.; managing funds at this level, as well as the educational assistance and loans offered by foreign governments, organizations and Hong Kong, Macao SAR and the region of Taiwan; supervising state-owned property in educational system.

7. Taking charge of the teacher work in the whole city; drafting plans for the development of qualified teachers construction, as well as staff management and training system, then carrying them out.

8. Being responsible for implementing quality-oriented education, planning and guiding the works of municipal schools` ideological, moral education, sports, health, aesthetic and defense education of various levels and categories.

9. Managing the entrance exams of common and adult colleges and universities, specialized secondary schools, and the self-taught examinations of higher education.

10. Putting forward the reform of employment system for graduates from colleges, universities and specialized secondary schools under centralized management, drafting and implementing relevant graduates` employment policies.

11. Managing part-time job, education technical equipments and the construction of libraries.

12. Being in charge of the statistical work, analysis and release of basic education information in the city.

13. Directing educational executive law enforcement and education system`s internal audit in the whole city; being responsible for the work of inspecting, supervising and auditing municipal schools and affiliated institutions in the city.

14. Accomplishing other works assigned by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.


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