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Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2023-07-28 12:10:53 [A  A]

The responsibilities of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs are:

1. Propagandizing, implementing and executing the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations of the state on ethnic and religious work, in charge of handling all kinds of ethnic and religious affairs in the city.

2. Participating in national economic works, assisting the ethnic areas` development of economy, culture and all kinds of social affairs, promoting equality, unite and prosperity among every nationality.

3. Researching, mapping out and executing the economic development plan for ethnic and religious careers in the city, being responsible for relevant regulations` implementation, including "Regulations on Urban National Work", "Regulations on Ethnic Township", "Control Regulations on Religious Activities Places", "Control Regulations on Religious Affairs in Hunan", etc., protecting the legitimate rights and interests of ethnic minorities, religious groups and places for religious activities, safeguarding religious people and clergies` regular religious activities and affairs.

4. Being responsible for the works of petition and reception; organizing ethnic and religious people going out for visiting, studying and investigating, as well as carrying out the fellowship activities about external friendly communications.

5. Assisting and organizing personnel department to train, educate and use minority cadres, recommending ethnic and religious circles` representative personages to the national people`s congress and the Chinese people`s political consultative conference.

6. In charge of the Hui, the Wei and other ethnic minorities` supply work of "Sanshi" (including Muslim diet, non-staple food and creophagy), as well as affirming and correcting works of ethnic component; with the responsibilities of the qualification examinations about minority examinees who register universities and technical secondary schools and the Han examinees in ethnic areas.

7. Enhancing the management of religious affairs according to law, being in charge of annual inspection for religious places and clergies` register, helping municipal patriotic religious groups perfecting organization and completing regulations of management.

8. Reinforcing the education towards religious clergies in patriotism, socialism and policies and regulations, resisting the overseas religious forces` infiltration, preventing and restraining lawbreakers utilize religion to do some illegal criminal activities; uniting and mobilizing patriotic religious groups, personages and religious people to participate actively in the socialistic "three civilizations"`s construction, carrying out the social commonweal activities, such as supporting the poor, donation, and etc., in order to serve municipal reform and open and the economic construction.

9. Undertaking other duties assigned by the municipal Party committee, municipal government and ethnic and religious department at higher levels.

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