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Hengyang Municipal Foreign Affairs Office
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2023-07-28 14:03:06 [A  A]

The main responsibilities of Foreign Affairs Office are:

1. Directing and coordinating municipal foreign affairs and concierge work, being responsible for examining, verifying and submitting plans of interviews, talks, banquets and many other great foreign activities that associate municipal level leaders above will attend;

2. Being responsible for reception of Party and state guests coming to Hengyang.

3. Being responsible for reception of foreign delegations from the top down, important overseas personages, as well as groups and celebrities of the United Nations Organization, other international organizations and foreign embassies and consulates coming to Hengyang.

4. Assisting relevant departments to cope with municipal important foreign affairs, accidents and disputes.

5. Coordinating foreign works of units directly under the Hengyang Municipal.

6. Being in charge of the passport, traffic permit and visa declaring and handling about going abroad (boundary), Hong Kong and Macao on duty in the whole city, inspecting and forfeiting visa.

7. Declaring and undertaking the visiting works of groups and personnel going abroad (boundary) on duty managed by the overseas Chinese office.

8. Taking the responsibility of approval for full and associate municipal leaders` visiting abroad (boundary).

9. Being responsible for drawing up municipal development plans about sister cities, working out communication plans of sister cities.

10. In charge of reception and dispatching works about groups and personnel coming from foreign cities establishing sister-city, trade and economic cooperation relationship with our city.

11. Being responsible for the daily management of municipal sister cities.

12. In charge of administrating non-governmental exchange and all kinds of counterpart exchange between foreign sister cities and out city.

13. Taking the responsibility of examining, verifying and approving establishing sister institutions, schools and hospitals and etc., directing their communication activities.

14. Being responsible for managing the journalists coming from Hong Kong, Macao and foreign countries.

15. In charge of carrying out exchanges about news and culture with foreign local governments and non-governmental organizations.

16. Participating in organizing large-scale foreign cultural performance, sports tournament and other activities held in Hengyang.

17. In charge of examining, verifying and approving going abroad (boundary) on duty of groups and staffs coming from the city`s press and cultural units.

18. Organizing or cooperating relevant department completing the reception of foreign press and cultural groups coming to Hengyang.

19. Being responsible for putting the institutions stationed abroad (boundary) of the city on the records.

20. In charge of selecting and managing all kinds of researching and studying personnel with foreign sister cities, as well as admitting and managing the researching and studying personnel coming from foreign countries.

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