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Songmu Industrial Park
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2023-07-28 12:13:13 [A  A]

Songmu Industrial Park is the largest industrial agglaomeration zone of brine halogen and fine chemicals in Central South China, and it was established under the approval of Hunan provincial government in 2003,and in 2006, it was approved formally as a provincial industrial park. It is the only Industrial park in Hunan which is dependent on local mineral resources and focuses on chemicals. It has the following titles of "national key base of salt chemicals and fine chemicals", "national high-tech industrial base", Hengyang Brine Halogen and Fine Chemicals Industrial Park", "Hunan  Provincial Base of Salt Chemicals",  "Venture-Developing Base for Small and Middle-sized Enterprises" and  "Researching and Developing Center of Post-Doctorate Flow Stand".   


Depending on the abundant resources of brine halogen and the industrial advantages, the park aims to develop into an integrated industrial base, focusing on brine halogen and fine chemicals, metallurgy, medicine, printing and dyeing, costumes and textiles. As it  now can provide all the raw materials, including chlorinity, alkali cellulose, hydrogen peroxide, juncus effusus and forests,  it has sufficient conditions for developing large projects of soda or pulp. Meanwhile it also actively develops other industries, such as  metallurgy, medicine, paper-making, daily chemicals, printing and dyeing, textiles, costumes and furniture. During the period of "the Eleventh Five-Year-Plan", it aims to achieve an industrial output of 10 billion Yuan, and form an industrial agglomeration of brine halogen and fine chemicals in Central South China.  


The park lies in the north of Hengyang city and is near the Xiang River with a total planned area of 39.1 km2 covering the two sides of the river. The western Songmu Part has an area of 18.3 km and belongs to Shigu District of Hengyang. The eastern Jinjialing Part is about 20.8 Km and belongs to Zhunhui District of Hengyang. Relying on the rich resources of brine halogen, non-ferrous metals and non-metals, it concentrates on brine halogen and fine chemicals, deep processing of non-ferrous metals and non-metals under the principle of " circular economy and pollute-free production ". The proved reserves of rock salt under Songmu Industrial Park is up to 14 billion tons, and mirabilite is about 0.44 billion tons. The salt resources have the advantages of large reserve, excellent quality, shallow burial and low cost exploitation. Since it is the largest rock salt and mirabilite base in South China, it is advantageous to develop chlorinity-alkali chemicals. The surrounding area in half an hour`s driving has mineral reserves, including 2,150,000 tons of lead and zinc, 86 tons of gold, 2400 tons of silver,3500 tons of pyrites, 1267 tons of tin and 101 tons of boron. In the neiboring area there is also the  largest reserve of laminated porcelain clay in South China, which is of excellent quality and has the brightest prospect of exploitation. There is also the largest reserve of fluorite in China, the largest of reserve of albite in Asia and a remarkable reserve of coal in Hunan. All these mineral resources have laid a solid foundation for the development of brine halogen and fine chemicals and metallurgy in the park.   


So far the industry chains of brine halogen and fine chemicals have come into being,  and the initiatory industrial agglaomeration effect has been realized. The raw materials including chlorinity, alkali, hydrogen, hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid, polyvinyl chloride ,chlorinated paraffin, sulfuric acid ,titanium dioxide of phenol-sulphoacid method, carbalmide, methyl hydrate, ammonium bicarbonate, sodium sulfate, aluminium sulfate, Blowing Agent AC, small soda, pentaerythritol, salt, lead, zinc, copper and zinc oxide.  


For more information: http://www.hysm.gov.cn/  

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