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The City Administration of Hengyang and the Interpretation of Related Policies
From: | Date Add in:2019-07-23 10:47:00 [A  A]

    Hengyang will make continuing efforts to build a clean, neat and orderly urban environment this year, starting from the following aspects. First, continue to increase efforts to carry out the six battles and further strengthen the work done on six points including setting up stalls, sediment transportation, outdoor advertising and etc. . Second, pay close attention to the two projects, greening and lighting, to make Hengyang greener, its night brighter, and the pavements cleaner. The third is to promote the marketized reforms of the greenbelt management, sanitation and scenery belt maintenance, calling for all sectors of the society to participate in the city administration. The fourth is to propel the city administration to be segmented, elaborate, long-term and normalized, fostering an overall rise of the level of city administration.

    I. Nobody is allowed to charge the approved parking spaces on the sidewalks.

    There is a basic requirement for parking on the sidewalks:  the width of sidewalks should be at least 7 meters. With the bureau having not delimited stop lines on the sidewalks, most of the existing stop lines, at present, are designated personally by self-employed households. We will check all the stop lines of the city, and those that do not meet the parking conditions will be eradicated.

    Since last year, the city has conducted a massive rectification of traffic order which prohibits parking randomly an disorderly on roads so that there are many cars parked on the sidewalk. Currently, the parking spaces in urban areas are limited. As to the existing parking spaces on sidewalks which are 7 meters wide or above, we acquiesce in their parking, but we will not allow anyone to charge the parking. The parking spaces that are designated personally by self-employed households and that  do not meet the parking requirements will be considered as a violation. The Civil Administrative Police Detachment will give them punishment according to related law. Learning from the practice of other cities, we have presented a proposal of parking management on sidewalks which has been  reported to the municipal government for approval. If it is implemented as scheduled, probably more than 3,000 parking spaces will be increased in urban areas.

    II.Current sanitation of the city has greatly improved.

    At present, the sanitation of Hengyang is administrated through the contracted responsibility system with section as the shortest responsibility segment which means each section has a responsible contractor, being responsible for the cleaning work of the entire section. For some communities and special sections, market-oriented reforms will be implemented, for instance, the alleys and communities of Shigu and Zhengxiang district, have implemented the market-oriented bidding, employing professional cleaning companies to do the sweeping and cleaning. In addition, we have also strengthened supervision, reformed the sweeping and cleaning mode: 32 sprinklers working from 11 pm to 5 am each night sprinklers; cleaning vehicles, washing and sweeping vehicles as well as cleaning vehicles with manual labor cooperating with each other;  electric washing vehicles doing spot cleaning to somewhere particularly dirty.

    Now, both manual cleaning and mechanical operating account for 50% of the cleaning work. Sweeping and cleaning is dominated by manual cleaning. Mechanical operating is basically realized on the sweeping of main roads, highways and bridges. All of the roads cleaning are mechanically operating.

    III. The administrative police will only lock the vehicles of illegal parking, but not withhold the driver’s license of the driver when the parking rule has been found violated.

    When the parking rule has been found violated, the administrative police will not withhold driving license and driver's license, but only lock the vehicles. The next step in the reform program is to take the illegal parking on sidewalks into the management platform of traffic police and write down their license number. When dealing with the illegal vehicles of sediment transportation, the driver will be required to stop the violation, but the licenses will not be withheld.

    IV. The charges of booths in each district will be abolished.

    It is not allowed to set up stalls at main roads. The flowing stalls can only go into the community to ease the traffic. The entrance of the medical school which belongs to the main road, Chuanshan Avenue, where setting up stalls is not allowed  either. If there are stalls set up illegally, they will be punished according to the law. But it is strongly prohibited to acquiesce in setting up stalls by charging a certain amount of money per month, for it turns out to fine instead of administration. In the last six battles, each district has made it clear to abolish all forms of charging at booths. Don’t have to bother about those charges with no charging basis, permits and invoice.

    V. The city administration and civilized law enforcement should be more ingeniously combined.

    The ultimate purpose of city administration is to serve the public. The law enforcement should be conducted in a civilized manner according to the law, requiring not only to maintain the amenity and order of this city, to take care of the interests of vulnerable groups. The people violating city administration law will be persuaded rationally and the law enforcement methods will be applied, namely educating first and no punishment for the first time violation, instead of confiscation and damaging.

    VI. Citizens can help supervise the sanitation workers on burning trash.

    The phenomenon of burning garbage can be found in our investigation work too. Therefore, we have printed the Standard of  Sanitation Operation and issued a notice--- no burning of garbage, and delivered these to each sanitation worker. And specialized training has been completed which clearly prohibits burning garbage and sweeping the garbage into green belt. With specially-assigned person responsible for inspecting, once there is a violation, it will be punished right away. With high mobility of sanitation workers, it is quite difficult to put an end to the phenomenon of burning garbage. Citizens can give assistance to supervise. As long as there is a report, we will rush to the scene to stop this behavior within 15 minutes.

    VII. The situation of withered green belts by the roadside will be improved.

    Since last year, the quality of urban greening has been improved with many newly planted seedlings. According to the  contract of greening construction, the construction side have to be responsible for the survival of these seedlings, and it cannot be checked and approved until all the dead are replaced by the survived seedlings. The green belt on the way to Chejiang was planted by the unified organization of municipal government in the project--- greening at “three sides”  (roadside, water side, railroad side) in last year. Last year met a once-in-a-century drought, which made the trees along the highway dry out and die. The construction side is responsible for the maintenance within a year, and now the deadline has not yet come and the project has not been checked and approved. There is a special leading group from the city in charge of this matter.

    VIII. The sediment management will be standardized.

    Sediment management is one of the items on which the city government put special emphasis. We will take a series of measures to make effective breakthroughs: First, before the end of March this year, the work of registering sediment vehicles will be basically completed. And from April, any unlicensed sediment transporting vehicles will not be allowed to run in the city, which has been conducted by the city traffic police detachment. The second is to install GPS in the sediment transporting vehicles and video surveillance system at the sediment sites, linking the management of the sediment transporting vehicles with the digital platform of city administration and incorporated it into the monitoring range of digital city management. Third, implement franchise management on sediment transportation. Vehicles from non-professional sediment transportation companies are not expected to get licenses of sediment vehicles and permissions for sediment transportation. Fourth, build washing platforms at construction sites, with unified standards and standardized management, to ensure the car washing. Fifth, the law enforcement efforts should be made more on sediment management, providing guarantee for the smooth implementation of the above works, at the meantime, strengthening the management of sediment holding venue, to avoid a secondary pollution.

    IX. The auction about the right of use of outdoor advertising space will be standardized.

    The auction about the right of use of outdoor advertising space is organized by the municipal government which has been held in 2003 and 2009. At present, we are preparing the third auction of outdoor advertising space. The specific procedures are as follows: The administrative department of urban and rural planning present a special set of outdoor advertising plan, to be discussed and adopted by the City Planning Commission, and then the auction will be organized by municipal government and the relevant departments. Last year, the major punishment for the illegal ads space using was to remove them. And this year, this work will be strengthened. Industrial and commercial buildings at the city center, Fuan Building and buildings around Hengyang Railway Station will be included in the scope of key remediation. In accordance with the government's request, after the removal of a large number of illegal advertisement, we will proceed with the norms and quality improvement of outdoor advertising, promoting the use of LED panels, trivision and other high-tech advertising media. The Industrial and Commercial Department is responsible for the audit of advertising lines and logos. We will cooperate with the departments concerned, and introduce the specialized outdoor advertising regulatory measures, to make preparations for the third auction of outdoor advertising space.

    X. The classified collection and transportation of food wastes will be conducted.

    Currently, the city's food waste is disposed with solid waste in city life. This year, we will continue to increase the construction and investment of sanitation infrastructure. Recycling and safe disposal center of kitchen waste is under construction and the kitchen waste will soon achieve classified collection and transportation. To protect the ecological environment and develop new energy sources, we are carrying out closure transformation of Ji Xing landfill and ecological restoration projects. The project, garbage incineration for electricity generation, will also be started within this year.


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