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The Program for Expansion of the Coverage of Old-age Insurance in Hengyang City
From: | Date Add in:2018-07-23 15:10:00 [A  A]


The Program for Expansion of the Coverage of Old-age Insurance in Hengyang City  


In order to meet the requirement of increasing the coverage rate of social old-age insurance to 80% with a growth of 10 percents, as is proposed in the city`s labor and social security work conference, and promote the expansion work to a full length, the following program is formulated.  


1. Guiding principles  

We shall take the spirits of the 17th NCCPC as the guide, the Deng Xiaoping Theory, "The Three Representatives" and the scientific development concept as the instruction, concern ourselves about the people`s livelihood, base our work upon the people`s ultimate interest, carry out the Central Party Committee`s requirements of "full coverage, guaranteeing fundamentals, multi-level and sustainable", and focus on issues of old-age insurance, which is most practical, most concerned and is most directly related to their life.   


2. Objectives  

There shall be an expansion of 76,000 people in the coverage of old-age insurance in Hengyang City.  


3. Procedures  

1) Promotion and arousing phase (from April to May).  

Promotional materials shall be delivered, and propaganda work shall be conducted with radio, television, press, news media, etc. Meanwhile, the city`s social security system shall be organized in May to undertake a major publicity campaign, in which, with means of putting up posters, hanging banners, opening up publicity columns, carrying out trainings and advisory activities on policies and regulations, etc., focus will be placed on propaganda of the guideline of "making uninsured enterprises insured, uninsured individuals insured, insured enterprises fully insured, and the bankrupt but restructured enterprises renew insurance". By launching the propaganda on a grand scale, a transition from "want me to insure" to "I want to insure" shall be achieved for coverage extension and consequently, the old-age insurance work shall be greatly promoted.  


2). Special operations phase (Jun. 1st - Dec.31)  

Unified organization shall be made for special operations in the whole city and close corporation shall be provided by departments at all levels, The operations, which are supposed to be a citywide special extension of coverage of old-age insurance, shall be taken by stages, in groups, in a planed way with their focus prominent.  

During the first special operation for extension of coverage (from June.1 to July. 30), attention shall be paid to uninsured personal like uncompiled staffs from departments, public institutions and social organizations as well as faculty, staffs and medical workers from private non-enterprise units; all public institutions, social organizations, education departments, civil affaires departments and health department are supposed to be cooperative.  

During the second special operation (Aug.1- Sep.15), attention shall be paid to uninsured units like hotels, teahouses for entertainment and health care and net bars; related departments are supposed to provide corporation  

The third special operation (from Sep. 15 to Nov. 30)  

special operation shall be made for uninsured personal in such fields as securities industry, logistics management industry, supermarket industry, building materials industry, rental transportation, coal industry, etc., and related departments are supposed to provide corporation.  


3). Summary and commendation phase (from Dec. 1 to Mar. 30).  

Departments and units at all levels shall, with reference to coverage extension objectives, summarize, sum up, inspect, evaluate, and give commendation for their operations. The departments or units which have not completed the given tasks will be unqualified to be selected as advanced or outstanding ones in the annual assessment of the government, and the departments which have made great contributions to completion of the tasks shall be praised and awarded.   


4. Specific measures  

1)  Leadership shall be strengthened to form resultant force for coverage expansion. Municipal government shall set up a leading team, with Duan Zhigang, a Standing Committee Member of CPC and vice mayor, as the team leader, minister of Municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Security and minister of Municipal Bureau of Finance as vice team leaders, ministers of Bureaus of tax, business, education, civil, construction engineering, culture, public security, association of self-employed etc. as team members. Departments of labor and social security at all levels shall be the leading departments, which are supposed to strengthen organization and leadership earnestly and concern themselves about the specific work. Corresponding organizations should be established in Counties and urban areas and their responsibilities and tasks should be specified.   


2) The work shall be intensified and measures for coverage expansion shall be consolidated. Functional departments at all levels and social security management agencies should actively strive to handle foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises as well as private non-enterprise units’ insurance participation and payment. Departments of labor and social security should strengthen supervision and especially, conduct special monitoring over non-insured, non-payment enterprises and order them to correct it. For those enterprises which still refuse to participate the insurance, they may be exposed by the news media and be forced to pay for the insurance as is proposed by departments of labor security or the tax authorities.   


3)  Supervision shall be strengthened and, vigor of coverage expansion work shall be stimulated. Foreign-funded companies, private enterprises and private non-enterprise units are supposed to pay the old-age insurance as it has been specified in laws to be their obligations.. For those who fail to pay the insurance as required in the regulations, governments at all levels should strengthen their supervision, select capable personnel and have them enter enterprises to implement supervision. The management agencies and the relevant departments shall make timely follow-up supervision for the development and prompt reports to stimulate the vigor of coverage expansion work.  


4) Assessment efforts shall be strengthened and competitiveness of expansion work shall be promoted. Governments at all levels should attach great importance to the coverage extension work and firmly hold such ideas as "the extension work is a livelihood project and it is closely related to social stability". Meanwhile, governments should integrate the expansion work into their target management assessment, build strict goal assessment mechanism and incentive mechanism, conduct regular inspections, and fulfill objectives for coverage extension.  


5. Some requests   

1) Coverage expansion insurance for the old-age shall be included into key agenda for both party committees and governments and be regarded as "a project in the charge of the head". All departments and units (administrative offices) should integrate the expansion work into the range of departments` target management assessment, increase index of tasks and sign the responsibility shape with responsible units. Meanwhile, particular personal shall be appointed to do the practical work, including establishment of Liaison mechanism, monthly collection of imformation, compiling the total data as well as regular report of the coverage expansion to the labor and social security departments.  


2) Desirable cooperation and coordination should be achieved among departments at all levels to improve coverage expansion. Financial departments shall expand financial input; tax departments shall strengthen their delegated collection work; education, home affairs departments shall be responsible for the collection in private non-enterprise units; public security departments shall be responsible for entry-exit personnel`s insurance payment; construction engineering departments shall be responsible for the collection in construction services companies; culture departments shall be responsible for the entertainment places; association of self-employed shall be responsible for the individual businesses; administrative departments of industry and commerce shall check social security registration and payment certificate when handling enterprises` business license and annual inspection, and for those who fails to, they shall urge them to do so before handling corresponding procedures.  


3) Elaborate organization shall be undertaken for the implementation by social security handling agencies of the Labor Security Department. They shall select and establish a coverage expansion team which is young, hardworking, professional, pragmatically innovational, responsible, of high-quality, and not afraid of difficulties. This team shall be safeguarded in its manpower, meterials, the financial support. Moreover, its internal and external`s synchromesh shall be strengthened to fully activate various aspects to ensure the fulfillment of coverage expansion tasks.




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