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Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting High-quality Development of National High-tech Industrial Development Zones
From:北大法律英文网 | Date Add in:2020-08-13 10:02:39 [A  A]

(No. 7 [2020] of the State Council)

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government; and all ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all institutions directly under the State Council:

With more than three decades of development, China's national high-tech industrial development zones (hereinafter referred to as the “national high-tech zones”) have grown into important hubs for implementing the innovation-driven development strategy. Apart from that, they have made significant contributions to the shift of growth model, upgrading of industrial structure and increase of international competitiveness, and have been embarking on a path of high-tech industrialization with Chinese characteristics. For the purposes of promoting high-quality development of the national high-tech zones, and harnessing the exemplary and leading role of the zones, the Opinions are hereby offered as follows.

I. General requirements

1. Guiding ideology

Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, efforts shall be made to implement the 19th CPC National Congress and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, remain committed to the new vision of development, continue to follow the direction of “developing advanced technologies and supporting commercialization”, and make great efforts to improve the capability of independent innovation by prioritizing the reform of systems and mechanisms and the creation of an environment favorable to innovation and business startup, focusing on developing internationally competitive enterprises and industries, and centering on scientific and technological innovations. There shall also be efforts to deploy innovation chains based on industrial chains, lay out industrial chains to meet the needs of innovation chains, cultivate new drivers of development, improve the modernization of industrial development, and build the national high-tech zones into demonstration zones of innovation-driven development and pilot areas for high-quality development.

2. Basic principles

Continuing the innovation-driven approach and leading the high-quality development: Pursuing the fundamental path of innovation-driven development, optimizing the innovation ecosystem, gathering and integrating innovation resources, improving the capability of independent innovation, and taking the lead in high-quality development.

Adhering to the position of a high-tech innovation hub: Remaining firm to the development of advanced technologies and innovations, setting the pace of future development of technologies and industries, and building a growth pole that is open, innovative, and suitable for innovation, entrepreneurship, residence, and clustering of high-end industries.

Persisting in deepening reforms and stimulating vitality: Setting the goal of transformation and upgrading, improving the competition mechanism, strengthening institutional innovation, creating an open, impartial and transparent development environment that is conducive to competition, and unleashing the potential of various pro-innovation entities.

Following a reasonable pattern and playing an exemplary role: Strengthening the top-level design, optimizing the overall layout, highlighting the position as a role model, and promoting regional coordination and sustainable development.

Upholding distinctive features and providing targeted guidance: Exploring various modes of high-quality development for different regions based on their resources and conditions, establishing a mechanism for targeted assessment, and supporting dynamic management.

3. Development objectives

By 2025, the national high-tech zones will have an optimized development pattern, markedly stronger capability of independent innovation, continuously innovating systems and mechanisms, and apparently improved environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. A system for high-tech industries will be basically formed, and a mechanism for commercialization and industrialization of technological achievements will be established. Major breakthroughs will be made on a number of core technologies that are the pillar of industrial and regional development. A range of independently developed and internationally advanced products will come into being. Also emerging in the national high-tech zones will be a batch of innovation-oriented enterprises and industrial clusters with international competitiveness. Several world's leading high-tech industrial parks and innovation-based featured parks will be established. By 2035, a large number of high-tech industrial parks with global influence will be developed, with their principal businesses moving up to the middle and upper ends of the global value chain; and the governance system and capacity of the zones will be modernized.

II. Striving to improve the capability of independent innovation

4. Excellent innovation resources shall be vigorously gathered. The national high-tech zones shall actively introduce innovation resources from both home and abroad, such as universities and scientific research institutes, to meet the specific needs of the national strategy and industrial development by supporting the establishment of subsidiaries and joint construction. The national high-tech zones shall be supported in building market-oriented high-level laboratory facilities and innovation bases with primary support from leading enterprises in cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes. Active measure shall be adopted to cultivate new research and development institutions and other industrial technology innovation organizations. Priority shall be given to those that meet the conditions of being a national key laboratory or a national technology innovation center.

5. Top-caliber innovation personnel shall be retained and fostered. The national high-tech zones shall be supported in recruiting talents from all over the world. Leading enterprises in the zones shall be encouraged to work with universities to jointly build and manage modern industrial colleges to cultivate highly competent personnel. For talented foreigners working in enterprises in the national high-tech zones, the upper age limit to apply for work permits may be relaxed to 65 years upon approval of the administrative departments of science and technology of the people's governments at or above the municipal level (the Administrative Department for Foreigners Working in China). Foreign senior managers and professional technicians invited by enterprises in the national high-tech zones may, as required, apply for corresponding visas for multiple years and multiple entries; and talented foreigners working in enterprises in the zones may, as required, apply for residence permits valid for five years at most. If an outstanding international student who has obtained a bachelor's degree or above in one of China's leading colleges and universities or a foreign student who has graduated from an internationally renowned university engages in innovation or business startup activities, support shall be provided for him or her to apply for a residence permit.

6. Innovation of core technologies and commercialization of achievements shall be strengthened. The national high-tech zones shall increase investment in basic and applied researches, intensify joint efforts and commercial applications of key generic technologies, cutting-edge leading technologies, modern engineering technologies, and game-changing technologies, and promote the integration of technological innovation, standardization, intellectual property rights and commercialization. The relevant entities in the national high-tech zones shall be supported in undertaking the projects of national and local science and technology schemes, and major innovation achievements shall be supported in being commercialized, turned into products and industrialized in the zones. The construction of pilot testing and project-based service platforms of scientific and technological achievements shall be supported in the zones, and a risk sharing mechanism shall be explored. Efforts shall be made to pursue the reform on the ownership of job-related scientific and technological achievements. The construction of a specialized technology transfer mechanism and a platform for the trading of technological achievements shall be strengthened. Technical consultants, technology brokers and other technical professionals shall be cultivated.

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