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Yu Xinfan
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2023-08-01 10:12:29 [A  A]


  Gender: male

  Nationality: Han 

  Birth Date: Feburary 1973

  Educational BackgroundBachelor


    Yu Xinfan, a male born in Feburary 1973, is a member of CPC with a MA 

degreein Management. He is now working as a member of the leading group of 

Hengyang Municipal CPC committee , deputy secretary of the leading group of

CPC committee of Hengyang Municipal Government and executive vice mayor 

of Hengyang municipality.

    He is responsible for the routine work of the municipal government, 

including: development and reform; human resource and social security; 

emergency management; finance; tax; statistics; electrical power; veterans's 

affairs; stocks; insurance; investment; major programs; industrial parks; 

public resources transaction; defense-related science and technology 

industries; People's armed forces and national defense mobilization; civil air 

defense; Xinjiang aid project management; representatives' suggestions; 

Handling proposals of CPPCC member. 

    He is responsible for the following government departments: Hengyang 

Municipal Development and Reform Commission; Hengyang Municipal 

Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security; Hengyang Municipal Bureau 

of Emergency Management; Hengyang Municipal Statistical Bureau; 

Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Veterans' Affairs; Hengyang Municipal 

Financial Office; Hengyang Municipal Transaction Center for Public 

Resources; Hengyang Municipal Office for Civil Air Defense; Hengyang 

Baisha Green Island high-techindustrial Development Zone.


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