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Oriental Chuangtian International Trade Limited Company
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  Oriental Chuangtian International Trade Limited Company plans to invest to establish a jewelry processing project in Hengyang Comprehensive Bonded Area. Yesterday afternoon, Li Yilong(the Municipal Party Secretary and  Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress) had a meeting with Yang Guangwei(the chairman of the board of the company) and showed up in the signing ceremony. He expressed the opinion that Hengyang will provide complete support and service for the development of the business. Zhou Haibing, the Municipal Party Deputy Secretary and Mayor of the city, also attended the meeting and the ceremony.

    It’s known that Oriental Chuangtian International Trade Limited Company is a large comprehensive trade company involving in many kinds of business like food processing, logistics and real estate. The sales revenue last year reached a billion dollar. Yesterday afternoon the company signed relative contracts with Hengyang Comprehensive Bonded Area, planning investing 100 million dollars to establish a jewelry processing project. And when the project is complete, the value of export product will amount to 1  billion dollars.

   In the meeting, Li Yilong expressed his sincerity and welcome at the beginning and welcomed Oriental Chuangtian International Trade Limited Company who came to Hengyang for investment. Then, he introduced several attractive points about Hengyang. Firstly, Hengyang is an old industrial area with abundant industrial base and unique transportation superiority. Secondly, Hengyang has profound culture and it is the origin of the Hu Xiang Culture. Thirdly, Hengyang abounds with natural, ecological and tourist resources. That three rivers meet in this city makes it one of the Top Six Feng Shui Cities(six cities with best luck according to Chinese culture). In  recent years, Hengyang has developed pretty well and great effort will be spared to create an important industrial town, a famous cultural and attractive tourist city and a wonderful place to live.

  Li Yilong also pointed out that the profound culture will be implanted in business and a superb platform and complete support will be provided.

  Yang Guangwei said that he sensed the amazing development of Hengyang and great attention paid by the municipal government after inspecting the city, which gave him confidence in investing in Hengyang.

  After the meeting, the company and the Hengyang Comprehensive Bonded Area held the signing ceremony which noted the entrance of a large company.

  Municipal leaders such as Duan Zhigang, Luo Donghai, Zhang Hewen, Liu Zhengxing attended the meeting and the ceremony.


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