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Hengyang Public Transportation Co., Ltd.
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    Hengyang Public Transportation Co.,Ltd. is a limited liability company which was restructured to a relatively state-owned holding , management personnel and employees having-shares one in January of 2004. At present, it has 2200 employees, 43 operating lines, more than 700 vehicles, one water route, 2 ferries and a total capital of 13 million. The company includes five operating branches and 14 affiliated agencies such as ferry companies, business travel renting companies, fuel companies, property management companies, back shops, advertising companies, real estate development companies, public transportation technician schools as well as 11 authority management agencies such as operation, security, finance, human resources and technology. It mainly engages in urban public transportation passenger traffic, vehicle rental, passenger traffic of ferries, vehicle travel, fuel and auto parts sales and supplies, real estate development, advertising, motorists and repairing personnel training and other services. The bus lines go east to Yunji, Quanxi; west to Santang, Zhangshu; south to Dongjiang and north to Liao. The traffic lines cover all the districts of the city with main business revenue of over 10 million yuan per year, being the main force of the city's passenger transport companies.

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