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TBEA Group is committed to providing clean energy solutions for the global energy industry. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a large-scale energy equipment manufacturer in China, and has successfully built three listed companies——TBEA (600089SH), Xinjiang Joinworld (600888SH) and Xinte Energy (HK1799). It has cultivated three strategic emerging industries including high-end equipment manufacturing for power transmission and distribution, silicon-based new energy industry, and aluminum-based new materials industry. It boasts 21 manufacturing industrial parks in China and 3 bases overseas. Its annual output of transformers has ranked the top in the world for years running, and the silicon and aluminum based new materials have entered the first rank of the international supply chain. Its total installed capacity of PV EPC also takes a leading place worldwide. It has ranked among ENR's top 20 Chinese enterprises for six consecutive years.

TBEA adheres to the concept of harmonious development of employee-company win-win mode of “development on the employees and for the employees and sharing the fruit of development with employees”; human is the orientation; happiness of both material and spiritual culture of all employees is the target; the system where employees grow with the company and employees incomes grow with profit of the company has been established.

TBEA advocates harmonious development, adheres to the concept of benefiting the people where the projects and resources are located, fulfills its corporate social responsibilities. TBEA has invested a total 10 million of yuan in Central Asia, Africa, India and other places, to carry out public welfare undertakings at home and abroad. We help the poor, donate to improve education and infrastructure in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Angola, Zambia, India and other places where the company's projects are located, and helps the dropouts return to school. During the construction of overseas projects, we took the initiative to help the country train local talents, and was praised by the local people as "Bright Messenger" and model for spreading Chinese friendship.

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