Hot Tourism Market in Cold Weather
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  Two days before this year's Qingming Holiday, the weather in Hengyang was humid and cold, but the tourism market still maintained a steady and high growth trend. The number of visitors Hengyang received increased by 17.32% compared with the same period last year, and the tourism revenue increased by 30.01% to 602 million. Among them, Hengshan Mountain in Nanyue received 827,000 visitors, an increase of 5.08% compared with the same period last year. Tickets revenue totaled 4.145 million yuan, an increase of 5.1% over the same period last year, and rural tourism became the mainstream.


  Firstly, holiday duty condition
  We must strictly implement the work plan for holiday travelling. As early as 1st April, in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Tourism and Development Commission, the Municipal Tourism Bureau for Chinese overseas affairs issued a special notice on jobs in Qingming Holiday tourism; all counties and municipalities, combined with the actual situation, held the corresponding deployment and dispatching meeting for holiday tourism work which makes a detailed plan for inspection and investigation on key scenic areas (spots), tourist sites and tourism-related enterprises to ensure safe, orderly and high-quality service. During the holidays, the duty personnel of the Municipal Bureau have to strictly implement the duty regulations to ensure that they are on duty from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the duty room, and personnel in the county and urban areas will be checked through fixed telephone calls, Wechat videos and other means to ensure that the personnel are in place.


  Second, characteristics of holiday tourism market

  (1) Despite of the cold and humid weather, sacrificing and go outing maintain hot. Two days before the holidays, affected by the cold and humid weather, the tourist market was cold and hot with the number of visitors to non-red scenic spots in the city was in a low growth trend compared with the same period of last year. However, red scenic spots are crowed with tourists and vehicles, such as: the Hengshan scenic spot in Nanyue, the residence of Xia Minghan in Hengyang County, the Hongshi Martyrs Park, the Zhajiang Recruitment Mountain Martyrs Park, the Zijinshan Martyrs Cemetery in Hengshan County, the Mao Zejian Martyrs Cemetry, Farmers Moving Memorial Hall, Tang Qunying's former residence, Luo Ronghuan's hometown in Hengdong County. Most of the tourists are visiting with their families. People of all ages commemorate the revolutionary martyrs together. The total number of tourists offering sacrifices and traveling accounts for more than 50% of the total number of tourists two days ago.
  (2)Going outing and having a leisure time, rural tourism continues to be hot. In every holiday in the past three years, Hengyang rural tourism has continued to show a hot trend, so is this Qingming Holiday. In March, more than 10 rural tourism festivals were held in Hengyang, including Chashan'ao Scenic Area, Shuangshuiwan Scenic Area, Jianfeng Mountain, Yuanmeng Mountain Villa, Hongcanyuan Ecological Farm, Xiangshui Bay Leisure Villa, Baogai County, Tiantang Mountain of Changning City, Wenjiang Ecological Tourism Garden, Wujiashan of Hengdong County. Park, Qidong County housekeeper town Huanghuayuan, Fengshiyan town Yulong Bay leisure resort, Fengshiyan town Shajing Bay old residential and other rural tourist attractions, attracting a large number of tourists to come to enjoy the green flowers, experience the fun of rural tourism, picking strawberry, wild vegetables, vegetables and others are favored by tourists. Farm meals, farm houses, farm work and farmhouse music become the first choice for a large number of tourists in Qingming Festival to experience leisure and slow life. During the holidays, rural tourism market shared more than 60% of the total tourism volume.

  (3) Self-driving tourism is still the mainstream, and the civilized tourism service has been greatly improved. The dramatic cooling and rainy weather, which has little impact on tourists' enthusiasm, has affected people’s choice of the travel modes with a further increase in the proportion of self-driving tours. According to statistics, self-driving tours account for more than 70%, and the growth rate of inbound tourists has decreased. During the holidays, civilized tourism volunteer service activities were carried out in the city’s star-rated tourist attractions and rural tourist attractions. Visitors were provided  with shelters from rain and tea, and colorful theme activities were carried out, such as appreciating flowers and writing poems, Spring-themed photography, and personal interaction, which are very popular with tourists.


  Third, tourism safety emergency response and complaint handling.
  During the holidays, no tourism safety accident was reported in Hengyang, no effective travel complaints telephone was received . The city's tourism market order runs normally, and duty conditions are sound.

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