Promotional Activities of Festival and Travel in Hezhou Held in Hengyang
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  In the April 15th morning , the promotion - " March 3rd Festival of Zhuang, come and travel in Hezhou " was held in our city. Wang Wenhua, deputy director of Hengyang Tourism Bureau for overseas Chinese affairs, and Dai Jing, deputy director of Shigu District Tourism Bureau,and Zou Hongying, director of Hezhou Tourism Development Committee,and deputy director Wang Chunyang and Lu Xiaoyi, and Wang Xijiao and Li Liege, investigators of Hezhou Tourism Development Committee, and other leaders and guests attended the promotion activity. Many Hengyang citizens gathered in the square before the Shigu academy , where they sang and danced with great excitement.

Before the activity, tourist attractions and tourism commodity enterprises in Hezhou carried out on-site publicity and promotion activities, and gave out tourism publicity leaflets, and offered consultation from Hengyang citizens.

  Wang Wenhua, deputy director of Hengyang Tourism Aliens Zong Bureau, warmly welcomed friends from Hezhou who had come all the way to Hengyang, and briefly expounded the tourism resources of Hengyang. Hengyang has a long history and rich culture; beautiful mountains and rivers ; superior location and convenient transportation ; rich and distinctive products.


  Zou Hongying, director of Hezhou Tourism Development Committee, briefly introduced the five features of Hezhou, including its superior location advantages, abundant tourism resources, long history, long life expectancy health genes and delicious food. After the speech, Zou Hongying welcomed Hengyang citizens to experience the beauty of Hezhou and was greeted with a big applause.


  There are three rounds of Raffles and 20 third-class prizes, 10 second-class prizes, 5 first-class prizes and 1 special prize will come out. Those prizes include Hezhou Tourist Annual Card, Hezhou Tea Exquisite Gift Box, Ukraine, Qi Dabao Doll, Aunt Shan, Huang Yao Exquisite Notebook,  Key Keyboard of Yao minority group and Hezhou Tourist Card. After every round of raffle, a wonderful program will be staged. Although it rained today, the audience also enjoyed the wonderful songs and dance programs.

In addition, the Hezhou Tourism Development Commission has also brought special benefits to Hunan tourists. From April 12 to May 12, residents of Hunan Province can enjoy a 50% discount on admission tickets to Hezhou A-class scenic spots by virtue of valid certificates.

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