France's Tourism Development Agency Launches Tourism Promotion Conference
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  On the afternoon of April 17, the French Tourist Promotion Conference was held in the multi-functional banquet hall of Linyin Holiday Hotel in Hengyang .It introduces French tourism  to about 200 colleagues in the tourism industry from various aspects, such as:the famous French scenic spots, French tourism services, convenient visa processing, Air France products, French tourism routes, etc. XiangQian, Director of Hengyang Tourism Bureau for overseas Chinese affairs, Deputy Director Xia Jianping,  and Mr. Bolis, the director of tourism development and research in second and third-tier city under France Tourism Development Agency, attended the meeting.

  At the beginning, Director Xiang Qian addressed the stage and warmly welcomed Mr. Bolis and colleagues the tourism industry. He introduced Hengyang tourism to the audiences from five perspectives: cultural journey, aspiration journey, red journey, taste journey and convenient journey. He sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to travel and invest in Hengyang to jointly develop Hengyang's tourism.

  Then, Mr. Bolis gave a speech and showed his gratitude towards every guest present. He said France had an ideal tourism situation in 2017, and France has become the preferred destination for 2.2 million Chinese who want to travel across borders, with airline tickets bookings increasing by 70% in the next six months of 2018. Mr. Bolis introduced France tourism from experience travel and family travel, and as a sponsor of the September 2018 Ryder Cup golf competition and the 2024 Olympic Games, France has  introduced WeChat and Alipay payment to welcome more Chinese tourists and set up a WeChat Subscription(Paris Transport) for Chinese tourist to provide more convenient modes of transportation and travel routes.

  Ms. Tu Jie, Tourism Commissioner of the French General Consulate Hall in Wuhan, briefly introduced the visa issues. Yang Fan, representative of Air France, introduced Air France products.

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