A Better Hengyang County: Superior Location and Convenient Transportation
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  Hengyang County in Southern Hunan is located in the south of Hengshan Mountain, covering a total area of 2558 square kilometers of jurisdiction over 25 townships with a total population of 1.23 million.
  The high-speed railway between Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao runs from north to south, while the Huai-Shao-Heng and Heng-Cha-Ji railways run across the west and east. The Hengshao section of the Beijing-Zhuhai High Speed compound Line and the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway are interlinked in the county; Nanyue Expressway, Yilouheng Expressway No. 107, National Road No. 315 and Provincial Road 210 are connected in all directions; and the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, the Hunan-Guangxi railway passes along the border. Xidu town in this county is a national civilized health county, 18 kilometers from Hengyang City, Hunan Province's second largest city, and through Jiefang West Road and Chuanshansi Road, it connected with Hengyang city. Moreover, it is 30 kilometers from the Beijing-Guangxi railway, 20 kilometers from the Beijing-Guangzhou railway and the Shanghai-Kunming railway freight station. And it takes 30 minutes’ drive from Xiangjiang thousand-ton large wharf and 40 minutes from Hengyang Nanyue Airport. Chuanshan xi Road has been completed and opened to traffic, while the Huai-Shao-Heng railway built as a passenger and cargo terminal in Hengyang County is under construction, the freight speed of which can reach 170 to 180 kilometers per hour. After its completion and operation, logistics transportation will be more convenient.

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