The Employment Promotion Law General Rules
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    Article 1 This Law is enacted in order to promote employment, coordination between economic development and employment increase, and harmony and stability of society.

    Article 2 The State lays great stress on employment increase in economic and social development, implements a proactive employment policy, and upholds the guideline under which workers keep the initiative in their own hands when choosing jobs, employment is regulated by the market, and the government promotes employment, in order to increase employment through multiple channels.

    A rticle 3 The workers enjoy the right to employment on an equal footing and to choice of jobs on their own initiative in accordance with law.
In seeking employment, the workers shall not be subject to discrimination because of their ethnic backgrounds, races, gender, religious beliefs, etc.

    Article 4 People's governments at or above the county level shall make employment increase one of their important goals in their endeavors for economic and social development, incorporate it in their plans for national economic and social development, and formulate medium- and long-term plans and annual work plans for promotion of employment.

    Article 5 People's governments at or above the county level shall create conditions for employment and increase employment by taking such measures as developing the economy, adjusting the industrial structure, regulating the market of human resources, improving employment services, strengthening vocational education and training, providing employment aid, etc.


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