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China Adopts Measures to Reinforce Foreign Trade Supply Chains
From:新华网 | Date Add in:2022-03-05 10:33:31 [A  A]

China will adopt multiple measures to reinforce foreign trade supply chains to cope with raw material price hikes and supply constraints, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said on February 17.

The MOC will guide enterprises to make use of the preferential policies, enhance international cooperation to establish trade channels for raw materials with mutual benefits and reduced costs, MOC spokesperson Gao Feng told a press conference.

The ministry will continue to optimize China's business environment along with relevant departments, further implement tax and fee cuts and crack down on arbitrary charges to support the development of foreign trade companies, Gao said.

China's total goods imports and exports expanded 21.4 percent year on year to 39.1 trillion yuan (about 6.17 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2021, official data shows.

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