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In Hengyang, soil can be divided into azonal soil and zonal soil. It includes 9 kinds of soil, 20 subgenera ,85 soil genus ,261 kinds of soil, and 111 variants. Zonal soil mainly has  mountain meadow soil ,yellow brown soil ,red soil . Azonal soil mainly has Rendzina red lime soil ,purple soil ,paddy soil fluvo-aquic soil. Red soil, purple soil and paddy field cover the main part of Hengyang agricultural area, which are also the soil most possible to be utilized in agriculture. The regional distribution of different kinds of soil are mainly as follows: the red soil’s covering shows a zonal distribution or speckle distribution; the purple soil’s covering mainly shows a web distribution in the middle part of the basin; the paddy field’s covering shows a branch distribution in the flat valley of the river whose height is below 200 meter; the fluvo-aquic soilcovering also shows a branch distribution in the open and flat blank of the river; the covering of a special kind of red soil called Si Jihong mainly show a round distribution on the purple shale. The directional distribution of the different soil mainly shows a ring-shaped combination from the form the surrounding areas to the center of the basin. The area with a height of from 200 meters to 300 meters, consists of Lime soil, sandstone red plate shale and red granite .  Hill ridge impact low-lying place , situated between down land and low mountain transition zone are usually form gley sex paddy soil . The area with a height from 300 to 500 meters , the general slope is 25 to 30. It is mainly made up of Sandstone and plate shale red or red granite . Ridge impact land ,where are in flat hill and has water to irrigation,are usually paddy field soil which can maintain water,while montane is natural red soil . Geologic structure or the Fault Line usually shapes the cold waterlogged paddy field or Ore poison field .

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