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  Hengyang has rich mineral resources .The proven mineral resources has 50 kinds , including coal , iron , zinc , tungsten, manganese, copper, tin, kaolin, fluorite, barite, boron, gesso , salt, albite, marble. The reserve of ferrous metals in Hengyang is richest in China. The reserve of porcelain clay and the output of albite is also highest nationwide . Fluorite and barite are also famous all around the world, known as “the home of non-ferrous and ferrous” . The most advantaged mineral : lead, zinc and copper of the Non-ferrous metal are in high rank of Hunan province .The reserve of lead is about 135,600 tons. The reserve of zinc is 1,230,000. As for precious metals,the reserve of gold is about 48,143 kilograms, which is the most in Hunan province. The reserve of silver is about 1’825.3 tons . Nickel also occupies a very important place in this category. In non-ferrous, the reserve of albite is 34997,000 tons ,which is much more than other provinces in China. The reserve of  boron is 10,094,000 tons, only second to Liaoning that belongs to the only orefield of regions south of the Yangtze River. Besides the famed “ JiePai soil ”, flake kaolin  of  Leiyang City is the mineral source that is the biggest in South China with a great mining prospect. The reserve of rock salt in chemical materials is 12,400,000. The reserve of glauberite is 40,452,800 tons which is the biggest in Hunan province.

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