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  As to the water amount, the natural water flow on land of the entire city is about 14.55 billion cubic meter in 2006, with an increase of 11.8 billion cubic meter about 23.3 percent, and an increase of 24.4 percent compared with the 11.7 billion cubic meter in 2005. The distribution of the water in the four districts of the downtown, and Hengyang County, Hengnan County, Changning County, Leiyang City, Hengdong County, Hengshan County, Nanyue County and Qidong County are as following: 369.1 million, 2.012 billion, 2.102 billion, 2.223 billion,3.2 billion,1.849 billion, 733 million, 218.2 million, and 1.797 billion. The total amount of the underground water flow in about 2.598 billion cubic meter. And the water use is distributed as following: 1.792 billion cubic meter for the irrigation of the agriculture, 106.5 million cubic meter for forest, stock breeding and fish breeding, 1.22 billion cubic meter for the industry, 48.36 million cubic meter for public water use in the city and the surrounding towns, 121.3 million cubic meter for the living of the people living in the city and towns, 167.5 million cubic meter for the living of the people living in the countryside, 4.03 million cubic meter for the ecology and environment, and the total amount is 3.460 billion cubic meter in which the amount of underground water used is 307.8 million cubic meter. The total amount of the water flow of the mainstream and the four sub streams of Xiangjiang River in the city in a year is as follows: the amount given by Guiyang Hydrological Station, Hengyang Hydrological Station and Hengshan Hydrological Station on the mainstream of Xiangjiang River are 27.63 billion, 53.38 billion and 63.15 billion cubic meter respectively; Ouyang Hai Hydrological Station on the Chonglin River 5.818 billion cubic meter; Shenshan Tou Hydrological Station on Zhengshui River 1.986 billion cubic meter; Leiyang Hydrological Station on Leishui River 11 billion cubic meter; and Ganxi Hydrological Station on Maoshui River 11.37 billion cubic meter. As to the water quality, according to the statistics given by The Sub-center of Water Environment Monitoring in Hengyang which evaluates the water quality with Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water (GB 3838-2002) as its standards, the water environment of the mainstream of Xiangjiang River, Guiyin River belongs to the II category; Wenchang the IV category; Songbai, Nan Daqiao, Hengyang and Dafu the hyper-V category; Leishui River in Leiyang the IV category; Ganxi on Maoshui River the III category; and the water environmental quality on the river month of Maozhui belongs to the IV category. The main super-scaling item in the super-scaling rivers is mainly fecal coliform bacteria. The total amount of the wastewater discharge in the city is 361 million cubic water, in which 106 million cubic meter reaches the rank and 361 million cubic meter has been discharged into river. 


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