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Notice on Additional HSK, HSK Oral Test, YCT, and BCT Online Chinese Test (Home Edition) Overseas
From:湖南省人民政府网 | Date Add in:2023-03-29 12:24:06 [A  A]

The series of Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), or Chinese Proficiency Test, is a test program organized and conducted worldwide by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation. It is a standardized Chinese proficiency test designed for non-native speakers, providing certification of various levels of proficiency to Chinese learners. Due to the pandemic, in April 2020 the Online Chinese Test (Home Edition) was made available to take online, allowing students to participate in the test according to their demands on time, facilitating their preparedness for study abroad, graduation and application for job, accommodating other demands on their time. More than 70,000 people have so far taken the online test, providing overwhelmingly positive feedback. In light of the epidemic overseas, it has been decided to set up three Online Chinese Tests (Home Edition) for foreign countries on September 25, October 30, and December 11 respectively to meet the test demands overseas. The essential information regarding the online test is as follows:

I.Targeting test takers of the online test at home

1.Test takers should reside in countries where on-site HSK, HSK Oral Test, YCT and BCT have not yet resumed. 

2.Test takers should contact their local test center in the first instance in order to register for the test. Visit www.chinesetest.cn and click Global Test Centers to find your local center.

II.Registration requirements

Before registration, please make sure that your system and environment meet the test requirements.

The test takers are required to prepare a computer and a mobile phone/tablet.

The computer will be used to type the answers and the mobile phone/tablet will be used to invigilate the test.

1. A computer running Windows 7/10. 

(1) Mac OS operating systems are not supported, and Mac computers/laptops are not recommended. 

(2) Screen resolution should be 1366*768 or above.

(3) High-definition PC camera (built-in or external; 300,000 pixels or above); the room should be well lit to ensure clear images.

(4) The device should be equipped with wired earphone, which the sound is clear and the sound insulation effect is good. For HSK speaking test, the earphone should be equipped with a microphone with clear sound playing, good sound insulation and reception effect.

Note: The test itself cannot be conducted on mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. Bluetooth devices, external USB storage devices, such as USB drives and wireless receivers, are not allowed during the test.

2. Mobile phone with camera: Invigilation software should be downloaded onto the phone as directed by the test center.

(1) The test taker should enter the designated meeting room one hour before the test starts, placing the mobile phone one meter behind them and slightly to the left or the right, so that the invigilator can see both the computer screen and the test taker.

(2) The invigilator will undertake a 360-degree inspection of the test environment through the invigilating software.

(3) The test taker should ensure his or her mobile phone is connected to WiFi and turn on flight mode.

(4) The mobile phone should be fully charged to ensure normal operation for the full duration of the test.

3.Network bandwidth should be 20M and speed 150KB/s or above. During the test, please close other unrelated applications and use the direct connection network to enter the test.

4.The test should be undertaken in a closed, separate room to ensure there is no disturbance. The test may not be taken in any open environment, for example parks, Internet cafes, or restaurants. All hardware and equipment that will be used for the test should be placed in plain sight on the desk. This should include no item that is not being used for the test. No other people may enter the test room during the test. The test result shall be rendered invalid if the test taker is seen to violate any of these regulations.

5.Cross-border registration is not allowed. For instance, test takers who register for the online test with a test center in the U.S. must connect from the U.S. on the day of the test.

6.Test takers from certain countries are required to take both HSK and HSK Oral Test.

7.Please be sure to confirm whether you meet all the conditions as above before the test registration. If the test environment, equipment and other conditions are found insufficient or unmatched as above after the registration and the payment, the test service fee will not be refunded.


(1) It is not allowed to record the test questions, either on paper and/ or in any other way.

(2) With an aim to guarantee the safe operation of the test, test centers may ask for some personal details or documents, for example name, photo, or other information, and make audio- and video-recordings of the test. Data will only be collected for the purposes of the test and in accordance with all relevant data protection laws.

III. Registration and payment

1.Visit www.chinesetest.cn to register online. While registering, the test takers should choose to register at a test center that offers online test service in their countries. Before registration, please contact the center to receive relevant information.

2.Test date and registration deadline

Test category

 (online test at home)

Test date




HSK Oral Test



Sep. 25

Sep. 11

Oct. 30

Oct. 16


Nov. 25

3.The test fee for the online test at home will be increased by 30% compared with the existing test fee standard.

IV.Test formt form

The test takers should log in the client-side terminal of the online test system through their personal computer. Test invigilators of the test centers that the test takers register at will conduct remote real-time invigilation throughout the test.

V.Test admission ticket and results

Test admission ticket will be issued to test takers by the respective test center ten days prior to the test. Test takers can use the information on the test admission ticket to log in via www.chinesetest.cn to inquire about the test result (10 days after the completion of the HSK YCT and BCT; 25 days after the completion of the HSK Oral Test). Test takers can also apply for a printed result report to be mailed to them or their institutions using the Extra Score Report service.

VI. Contacts   

Each test center shall treat the online test very seriously. Please contact CTI with any queries.


 +86-010-59307609/ +86-010-59307610


Test information: kaoshi@chinesetest.cn

Test center information: kaowu@chinesetest.cn

Source: official WeChat account of Chinese Testing International (CTI)

Sponsored by Hengyang Municipal People's Government, Undertaken by Hengyang Normal University
Co-sponsored by Information Office of Hengyang Municipal People's Government Technical Support & Design:Hengyang Normal University
ICP NO:05002289