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Notice on Adjusting the Ways of Collecting Chinese Test Score Reports within China
From:湖南省人民政府网 | Date Add in:2023-03-29 12:25:46 [A  A]

Affected by the coronavirus, in order to provide  more convenient and safer services for test takers in China and ensure the safety and health of every test taker, and to satisfy the requirements for admission and demands of Chinese proficiency analysis and the Chinese language skills improvement, CTI will provide the service of the Chinese proficiency analysis and the delivery of the score report from 2020. Score reports will no longer be mailed to test centers. Test takers within China could gain an analysis report of the Chinese proficiency, in addition to a paper score report that could be sent to a given address directly. Service fee for the domestic mailing of the analysis report and the score report is 80RMB/copy (60RMB/copy during the outbreak). Service fee for the overseas mailing will be charged according to the freight tariffs between countries and the service charge standard of the analysis report. Test takers who registered before November 4th could apply for analysis and score report delivery service online after result announcement. Test takers who registered on the date of November 4th or after could fill in the score report mailing information in the registration process. Guidelines please refers to the attachment. 

Source: www.chinesetest.cn

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