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Kindergarten EN teacher,European Accept
From:湖南省政府网 | Date Add in:2019-07-25 12:11:00 [A  A]

Employer: London Teacher Training College,China TEFL Branch
Company type: Private
Industry type : Education/Training/Universities and Colleges
Work City: Changsha
Job Category: Education/Translation
Salary Range: 12,000 - 16,000 CNY /Month
No. Hiring: Unspecified
Work Experience: No experience
Job Type: Full Time


Job Description:
Responsibilities: ESL teaching to kindergarten
Students: Kindergarten:3-6 years old. Small group with around 12 students per class
work time: 7:50-17:30 with 2 hours lunch break from Monday from Friday
Location: Changsha,Chongqing
Benefits: RMB12,000 above with free accommodation


1)Native English speakers from US,UK,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,South Africa;and qualified European teacher with major in English or education
2)TEFL/TESOL certification
3)With related teaching experience



Source: echinacities.com

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