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Xiang Jiang Mall Co., Ltd
From:hy | Date Add in:2015-10-05 12:40:00 [A  A]


Wang Yi Group, growing out of Xiang Jiang Mall Co., Ltd, was a 1995-founded leading company in retailing business of Hengyang. It was registered to be a group company in 2003 and after 15-years-development, it becomes a large-scale supermarket-based private company that also runs business in the area of retailing, real estate, breeding, delivering, and advertising. It has seven branch companies, nine supermarkets, two overseas offices, one big delivery center, two large real estate agencies, one building company and a property company. Its total capital reaches to 800 million yuan, with registered capital of 80 million yuan and annual tax of over 30 million yuan. It has employees of over three thousand people, among which there are more than a thousand employees that are laid-off workers from state-owned companies and demobilized soldiers.

  Wang Yi Group is the oldest private company in Hengyang that established Party organization, Labor Union organization and Youth League organization and also the first retailing company in Hunan retailing industry that passed ISO9001 International Quality Standard System. In the past 15 years, with its development praised by leaders at all levels and all sectors of society, it has been honored with ‘role model’ and ‘advanced private company’ at Hunan provincial level by Hunan Government and Party Committee. It also won titles like ‘big tax-payer’ and ‘trust-worthy company’ at provincial and municipal level, ‘quality trust-worthy private company’ in Hunan, ‘top five hundred private company of Hunan’, ‘top ten private companyof Hengyang’, ‘well-known company’ of Hengyang’, role model in party construction at grass roots of Hengyang, ‘honored company’, ‘advanced supermarket in food safety of Hunan’. Leaders from center and provincial governments and party committee has successively come to inspect the company, Publicity Department of Hunan Provincial Party Committee has once recommended the company’s experience in integrity management with a special report and presses at provincial and municipal levels, like Hunan Daily and Hunan TV, has made special reports on the company’s party construction.

Address: 4 Floor, Xiang Jiang City Square, NO.33, JieFang Road, Hengyang, Hunan
Address for online shopping: NO.33, Xianji Lane, Yanfeng District, Hengyang (3nd floor of Xiangjiang Mall of Yuepin)
Hot-line for ordering: 0734-8222222
TEL for delivery: 0734-8819889

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