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What laws and regulations should tourists abide by in traveling?
From: | Date Add in:2016-10-09 14:43:00 [A  A]
In order to maintain traveling order and protect legal rights of tourists, tourists should conscientiously abide by relevant laws, rules and regulations formulated by corresponding departments and all sight-seeing sites.(1)In traveling transportation. In order to insure safety in traveling transportation, tourists should conscientiously abide by relevant laws and regulations on aviation, railway, highway, waterway and cable transportation, such as "Civil Aviation Law". "Regulations on International Passenger Transport of CAAC", "Law on Railway Transportation", "Provisional Regulations on Management of Highway Transportation", and "Regulations on Management of Waterway Transportation"(2)Traveling accommodation. Tourists should abide by all specific regulations of hotels, restaurants, guest-houses, and sanatoriums as well as hostels, so as to guarantee personal and property security and a sound environment for a good rest.(3)Sight-seeing. Tourist should abide by such laws and regulations as "Provisional Regulations on Management of Scenic Spots", "Law on Environmental Protection", "Law on Cultural Relics Protection", and "Law on Wild Animal Protection", so as to protect traveling environment and resources.(4)On tourist entering and leaving the country. If Chinese citizens have out-bound traveling, according to "Law on Management of Chinese Citizens Entering and Leaving China" and its detailed implementation rules, the citizens should file in an application to their local public security organs on municipal or county level where is the place for their permanent residence registry, submit their household register or other certificate on permanent residence for examination, fill out the application form on leaving the country, submit opinions from the working place of the applicants, and produce corresponding certificates on reasons for leaving the country. (5)On management of foreign exchange for traveling. According to regulations from "Provisional Methods on Foreign Exchange for Traveling", travel agencies engaged in traveling services for foreigners, overseas Chinese, compatriots of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to come to China traveling, the agencies must charge their overseas counterparts and travelers in foreign exchange. Chinese citizens going abroad traveling should use foreign exchange in accordance with "Methods on Chinese Citizens Exchanging Foreign Currencies for Personal Purpose" and "Regulations on Chinese Citizens Remitting Abroad Foreign Exchange Savings".
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