Procedures and Required Documents for the Adoption of Abandoned Infants
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I. Required documents:

1. The adopting couple shall submit a written application to the public welfare institution, while in the application the family situation, income and property as well as his or her requirement of the abandoned infants to be adopted shall be specified. Promise and guarantee to the public welfare institution and abandoned infants to be adopted shall be also included in the application: treat the abandoned infant as his or her own child and never abandon the child.


2. The adopting couple shall submit the resident identity card,marriage certificate and residence booklet (both the original certificates and copies).


3. The adopter's work unit or village committee shall give certificate of the adopter's marital status,capability of rearing and educating the adoptee and certificate that can prove whether the adopter has a child or not.


4. Certificate of adopter's fertility condition issued by family planning departments above the county level in the locality of adopter's permanent residence.


5. The adopting couple shall submit health examination certificates issued by a medical agency at or above the county level to a public welfare institution.


6. Certificate of no criminal records issued by the public security organ in the locality of the adopting couple's permanent residence.


II. Application procedures for the adoption of an abandoned infant:


1. Inspection form of cross-national placing-out for adoption.


2. The copy of the identity card of the person in charge of the public welfare institution.


3. The copy of residence certificate of the child being placed out.


4. The duplicate copy of Registration Form of Discovery of the Abandoned Infant.


5. The duplicate copy of Registration Form of Accepting Abandoned Infants by Public Welfare Institution.


6. The copy of public notices to ascertain the biological parents for those abandoned infants.


7. The duplicate copy of Physical Examination Form of Abandoned Infant or Child and testing report.


8. The duplicate copy of Growth Condition of Child Being Placed Out.


9. Photos: three color bare-headed photos (two inches)


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