How to buy a social insurance
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Within 30 days from the date that you apply for your employment certificate, your employer should apply for social insurance registration for you. Generally speaking, the social insurance authorities will set up a social security number for you and issue a social security card of the People's Republic of China (referred to as a "social security card"). You can use your social security card to go to designated public hospitals in your area for medical treatment, or to buy medicine at designated medical insurance pharmacies, and use your social security card to deduct part of the medical expenses.

※ If you meet the legal conditions for receiving pensions, you can enjoy your pension benefits in accordance with the law.

※ If you leave China before the prescribed age, you can keep your personal social insurance account.

※ If you leave China permanently, you can withdraw the savings in your personal pension account in one go.

※ In the case of death, the balance of the personal pension account can be inherited according to the law.

Note: The above information is from "Welcome to China" and only for reference.

Source: National Immigration Administration

Updated on Nov.11, 2022

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