Permanent Residence Card Application Procedures
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The applicants should fill in the application form of permanent resident permit in China for foreigners honestly and hand in the documents below:

First, the valid foreign passport or other documents which can take place of it.

Second, the health guarantee certificate by Health quarantine department appointed by Chinese government or foreign medical organization of the hygiene authenticated by embassies and consulates stationed abroad of China.

Third, the non-criminal records abroad authenticated by embassies and consulates stationed abroad of China.

Four, four recent front colorful photos with hat off of 2".

Five, other documents prescribed by this measure.

The aliens who are sanctioned for permanent resident in china, will get Alien Permanent Permit signed by the Ministry of Public Security. The abroad applicant with Form of Confirmation of Alien Permanent Permit, going to the embassies and consulates stationed abroad of china apply for D visa, then obtain the Alien Permanent Permit in 30 days after entry in china from the public security organ which accept the application.

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