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Liu Junping: Focus on rural revitalization and lead the people to become rich
From:衡阳新闻网 | Date Add in:2022-11-30 20:50:13 [A  A]

Hengyang News Network reporter Zhang Yue reported.  When Zhang entered Gaolong Village, Taihetang Town, Qidong County, which was awarded the provincial "Demonstration Village for Rural Revitalization",  what he saw in the village was   hardened roads. The fish pond was sparkling. The beautiful and livable village after ecological restoration. The villagers all said, "Our village has been transformed from a remote 'poor corner' into a model village for rural revitalization because of a good leader who has the courage to take responsibility, is determined to change the backward face of his hometown, and strives to lead the people out of poverty and become rich!" The leader is Liu Junping, a representative of Hengyang Municipal People's Congress and secretary of the Party branch of Gaolong Village.

▲ Liu Junping is writing representative suggestions

Liu Junping, deputy to the 15th and 16th People's Congress of Hengyang City, secretary of the Party branch of Gaolong Village, Taihetang Town, Qidong County. In his early years, he worked hard outside and chose to return to his hometown after making some achievements. He led the villagers to build roads and develop characteristic industries, and strengthened infrastructure construction and rural ecological environment improvement, so as to build Gaolong Village in "Shangougou" into a model village for rural revitalization.

Gaolong Village is located in the reservoir area of Jiangkou Reservoir, which is not suitable for planting rice. As a result, many villagers choose to go out to work, and most of the land became idle. Liu Junping made multiple inspections and discussions with the two committees of the village, and decided to revitalize the rural industry based on the actual situation of the village, adapt measures to local conditions, create a new agricultural development and operation model of "participation in dividends and benefit sharing", guide villagers to develop characteristic planting and breeding industries, so as to help farmers get out of poverty and become rich, and strengthen the village level collective economy.

▲ In the high-density fish breeding base, Liu Junping (left) provides guidance and services for the industrial development of the base

In the village's blackberry planting base, blackberry trees spread all over the mountains. "This season is full of sunshine and the ripening period of dark plum is short. Liu Junping, on behalf of everyone's urgent needs, led village cadres to visit towns and counties, and sold 1000 kg of dark plum in two days." the villagers said to the reporter while busy picking blackberries.

Under the leadership of Liu Junping, the annual income of the collective economy of Gaolong Village has exceeded one million yuan every year. The development of the industry has not only made the mountain green, but also made the people rich.

The development of the industry needs more convenient traffic conditions. Liu Junping introduced that Gaolong Village is located in a remote mountain area where households  scattered. In the past few years, although roads have been opened to all villages, the access rate and coverage rate are limited. In addition, the low level and imperfect road network structure make it difficult to transport agricultural and sideline products and means of production and living.

In recent years, Liu Junping led village cadres to carry out the "beautifying" action of rural residential environment, raised nearly 10 million yuan by himself, and built 8 new safe drinking pools, so that every household has access to tap water. A large rural stage and an activity center was built for the elderly to enrich the recreational life of villagers, 206 street lamps were installed for the villagers free of charge.

Jiangkou Reservoir in Gaolong Village is a comprehensive reservoir integrating water storage and sightseeing. Beside the reservoir, a gravel road has begun to take shape, and the subgrade can be paved immediately. The construction of this sightseeing road is Liu Junping's top priority in the near future. "Because we are rich in landscape resources, we are going to engage in special sightseeing tourism in the future, so once this road is completed, it can stimulate the development of our tertiary industry and truly transform the green water and green mountains in the village into golden mountains and silver mountains." Liu Junping, who plans to open a rural tourism belt along the reservoir, said hopefully.

"In the future, I will earnestly perform my duties as a deputy to the people's congress, communicate with the people, visit the people and understand their needs. I will do my best to speak for the people in the future." Liu Junping has his own original intention to perform his duties. He is committed to connecting with the villagers in the whole village to make their lives more prosperous and their hometown more beautiful and livable.

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