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Li Bijue: The "biological daughter" of the elderly in nursing homes
From:衡阳新闻网 | Date Add in:2023-10-11 19:54:30 [A  A]

Hengyang News Network reporter Cheng Cong reported that Li Bijue is an ordinary staff member of the Yueping Town Elderly Home in Yanfeng District, Hengyang City. Since 2018, she has treated the elderly in the hospital as her elders and relatives, carefully caring for and taking care of them. The elderly also regard her as their own "daughter", trusting and relying on her. Thanks to her strong sense of responsibility and outstanding abilities, Li Bijue has won the Honorary Award for Outstanding Nurse in Yanfeng District and the Vocational Skills Competition Award for Retired Nurses at the district and city levels multiple times. In 2020, Li Bijue was awarded the honorary title of "Model Figure in Respecting, Loving, and Helping the Elderly" nationwide.

In the nursing home of Yueping Town in Yanfeng District, there are nine lonely elderly people living without children. Some of them have paranoid personalities, some are aloof, some are severely disabled, and have almost completely lost their ability to take care of themselves. But Li Bijue and her colleagues, with a sincere and kind heart, make every elderly person in the hospital feel the meticulous care in life .

Nine elderly people are nine different individuals with different personalities and needs. Faced with these elderly people, Li Bijue will focus on the details of life, always paying attention to their food, drink, sleep, and providing timely and suitable clothing, food, housing, medical and other needs.

Normally, Li Bijue and her colleagues will stay in the hospital 24 hours a day, and the phone will be turned on 24 hours a day to deal with emergencies in a timely manner. She will often accompany the elderly to the market to buy things and relax. In terms of food, some elderly people are very particular, and Li Bijue will carefully prepare different dishes for them, purchase different fresh fruits and nutrients. In order to delay aging and prevent premature disability in the elderly, Li Bijue 

consciously arranges for each elderly person something to do within their abilities based on their physical condition. When the elderly person does it well, they will give praise. Late at night, Li Bijue will conduct regular rounds and observe the physical condition of the elderly at any time.

The meticulous care brought in the trust and dependence of the elderly on Li Bijue. The elderly have unconsciously regarded Li Bijue as their own family member, as their own "daughter" or "niece". The elderly person He Zhongpin suffers from "persecution delusion". She never trusts the doctor who prescribes medication and injections for her unless Li Bijue is present. When the elderly are hospitalized due to illness, they always hope that Li Bijue will accompany them, so that they can feel at ease. In the middle of the night, Li Bijue often receives calls for help from hospitalized elderly people. They hope that Li Bijue can spend more time with them and chat with them, and Li Bijue always responds to their requests

Li Bijue told reporters that although her salary at a nursing home is not high, and things are tedious and tiring, she really likes this job. "Watching the elderly trust and rely on me so much, I have a sense of achievement and a sense of value in my life."

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