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Law enforcement personnel stood firm on the steel deck of the ship under scorching sun
From:衡阳新闻网 | Date Add in:2023-12-02 22:40:13 [A  A]

Hengyang News Network News reporter Li Yangjie's correspondent Li Yi and Jia Shaofeng reported. The scorching sun was overhead. As the "guardian" of the water traffic safety, the law enforcement personnel of the Waterway Transport Administration Brigade of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment of Hengyang City's Transportation were busy in the ports, docks and ships. They went out early and returned late every day to fight the high temperature and heat, and exchanged their hard sweat for the safety of navigation, berthing and operation of ships in the waters under their jurisdiction.

In Hengyang in July, heatwave is almost unbearable. At three o'clock in the afternoon, the reporter came to the Dongyangdu water area of Xiangjiang City. In the hot summer, the law enforcement personnel of waterway transportation administration were carrying out a safety patrol on the ships berthed and operating under the scorching sun. The difficulty of each safety inspection is to inspect the safety equipment, firefighting equipment, and pollution prevention equipment of the ship. The cabin space is narrow and stuffy, and cannot accommodate multiple people to conduct safety inspections at the same time. Law enforcement personnel are divided into two groups to conduct individual inspections and register the safety inspection ledger. In an instant, the sweat on their cheeks had already soaked their hair, blinded their eyes, and wet their clothes. In the year-round process of water safety and pollution prevention supervision and administrative law enforcement, regardless of wind, rain, cold, and heat, they never delay and stick to their posts every day.

 What he feels is that regardless of wind or rain, they have to do a good job in water traffic safety supervision, and look at the safe and orderly navigation of the waters in our jurisdiction. “We are still quite happy, "the law enforcement personnel of the Water Transport Law Enforcement Brigade told reporters. The seemingly ordinary and simple words carry the hard work of all water transportation law enforcement personnel day and night.

Under the scorching sun, with temperatures ranging from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, the steel deck temperature on the ship has reached as high as 60 degrees Celsius. Journalists can't bear the heat just by walking on the ship for a short while, and water transportation law enforcement personnel need to step on the steel deck of the ship with a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and descend to the stuffy cabin. They have to cruise and inspect in such a high-temperature environment, maintaining the safety of the waters under their jurisdiction with hard sweat. It is understood that since the beginning of summer, with the combination of high temperatures and flood seasons, water transportation law enforcement personnel have strictly implemented the 24-hour duty system for flood prevention and drought relief while fighting against the scorching heat. They have timely issued early warnings and forecasts, and urged ports, ferries, ships, etc. to implement safety precautions.

Since July, they have been facing the scorching sun above their heads, continuing the heatwave, fearing no high-temperature "grilling" inspections, inspecting more than 100 ships, eliminating more than 20 safety hazards. They have also taken practical actions to fulfill their responsibilities in water transportation safety.

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