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Liu Yuegao leads a team to Beijing to coordinate with central enterprises and promote investment attraction, aiming to propel pragmatic cooperation between Hengyang and central enterprises to a new level
From:衡阳市政府门户网站 | Date Add in:2024-05-18 23:14:41 [A  A]

From May 15th to 16th, Liu Yuegao, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, led a delegation to Beijing to coordinate with central enterprises. They inspected China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), China Ordnance Industries Group Corporation Limited (abbreviated as China Ordnance), North Navigation Technology Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Navigation Group), China Tongfu, and Beijing Resources Yijia Group. They held talks with executives such as Xu Xianping, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Ordnance, and Shen Yanfeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of CNNC, to listen to the opinions and suggestions of central enterprises in Hengyang, promote investment attraction, and signed relevant supplementary agreements with CNNC to accelerate the implementation of cooperation projects, striving to push Hengyang's cooperation with enterprises to a deeper level.


Liu Yuegao inspected China Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation (COEGC) and met with executives such as Xu Xianping. Xu Xianping warmly welcomed Liu Yuegao's delegation and thanked the Hengyang Municipal Party Committee and Government for their care and support to China Ordnance and its subsidiary, Hunan Tianyan Machinery Co., Ltd. He mentioned that China Ordnance has a long history of fruitful cooperation with Hengyang. Currently, the two sides are deepening pragmatic cooperation in areas such as rare earth new materials and automotive parts production and research and have achieved phased results. Next, they will continue to increase investment in Hengyang to make new contributions to Hengyang's "manufacturing-oriented" development strategy.


Liu Yuegao introduced the basic situation of Hengyang's economic and social development. He stated that in recent years, Hengyang City has made significant achievements in economic and social development by thoroughly implementing the important speeches and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visits to Hunan, vigorously implementing the development strategies of "manufacturing-oriented" and "culture and tourism-driven". COEGC has provided strong support for Hengyang's high-quality development, injecting new vitality into its development. He hoped that China Ordnance would continue to strengthen its support for Hengyang in areas such as industrial park construction, industrial chain upgrading, and idle asset revitalization, and promote cooperation to a new level.


At CNNC, Liu Yuegao met with executives including Shen Yanfeng. During the discussion, Shen Yanfeng warmly welcomed Liu Yuegao's delegation, stating that Hengyang is an important base for CNNC, and the two sides have a deep friendship, solid cooperation foundation, and broad prospects. CNNC will continue to carry emotions and responsibilities, work with Hengyang to integrate Hengyang's nuclear technology application industry into the country's major development strategies, focus on deepening reforms at Baisha Green Island Company, and do a good job in the introduction and industrial planning of Baisha Green Island Industrial Park projects. They will deepen industry-university-research cooperation, strengthen communication and coordination, accelerate the landing and construction of new cooperative projects, and strive to create a model of win-win cooperation between the central and local governments.


Liu Yuegao stated that the nuclear technology application industry is one of the "Five Industrial Business Cards" that Hengyang is focusing on developing. Hengyang City attaches great importance to cooperation with CNNC. He hoped that on the basis of good previous cooperation, the two sides would further innovate cooperation models, introduce more strategic partners, accelerate the landing and construction of related industrial projects, and promote the higher quality development of Baisha Green Island.


Subsequently, the two sides witnessed the signing of a supplementary agreement on cooperation between Hengyang City and CNNC for Baisha Green Island High-tech Zone.


Liu Yuegao also inspected China Tongfu, a listed company controlled by CNNC, and held discussions with Wang Suohui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China Tongfu, and other company executives. He hoped that the two sides would further sort out resources, strengthen connections, and realize more pragmatic cooperation in areas such as smart medical care and research and development of nuclear medical equipment. Wang Suohui stated that they would accelerate the formulation of more detailed project cooperation plans, strictly follow the requirements of the plan, and fully promote project construction to contribute more to the rapid construction of Hengyang as a regional medical center.


Liu Yuegao also visited Navigation Group and held discussions with Li Haitao, Director of the Board, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and General Manager of North Navigation Control Technology Co., Ltd. He mentioned that Hengyang is currently accelerating the development of the manufacturing industry and vigorously cultivating and developing new productive forces. Navigation Group is welcome to share development opportunities in Hengyang, further increase investment in Hengyang, and promote the layout of more high-quality projects in Hengyang. Hengyang City will provide the best services and ensure sufficient elements. Li Haitao stated that they would seize the opportunity, strengthen communication and coordination, further deepen cooperation between the two sides, and contribute to the construction of Hengyang as a "manufacturing-oriented" city.


During his time in Beijing, Liu Yuegao also visited Beijing Resources Yijia Group and held talks with Liu Junyi, the founder and chairman of the group.


Zhang Jian, relevant person in charge of COEGC, Wang Delin and Han Yongjiang, relevant persons in charge of CNNC, and municipal leaders Liu Lihua and Yu Xinfan respectively attended relevant activities.

Translator: Jing

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