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Hengyang Linyin Holiday Hotel
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2018-11-19 20:02:00 [A  A]


Linyin Holiday Hotel is located in the advanced technology and development zone of Hengyang city, the east of which is the ecological park, and the north of which is Liberation Boulevard. The hotel has absolutely geographical superiority and convenient transportation. The hotel offers western food, various conference rooms, exhibition centers, pizzerias, KTV and Spa, chess-and-card rooms, sauna, swimming, tennis courts, and fitness club. Linyin Holiday Hotel owns 345 luxurious overexposure rooms, and dining rooms. It has four different types of restaurants. They are the leisure, vocation, business, and meeting rooms. Linyin Holiday Hotel is an ideal place for relaxation.

Hengyang Linyin Hotel Limited Liability Company was established in 1985, Linyin Hotel Limited Liability Company has developed from three tables to three high-grade restaurants. For twenty years’ practice and innovation, Linyin has been highly valued by people in Yancheng including gastronomists. Therefore, Linyin has become the first enterprise in the Hengyang catering industry to have gain the title of  “Famous Mark in Hunan Province”.

Linyin was established with special historical background – the starting of reform and opening-up in the midland of China. The company was established according to historical trend and is now growing with the development of the period. Through the discoveries and researches of Chinese cooking culture, various delicious delicacies are formed to meeting requirements of habits and customs as well as tastes of modern citizens.    


Diligent and pragmatic Linyin people are convinced of the fact: Brand derives from the market. Quality derives from the specialty. Taste derives from the quality. Specialty brings about the excellence and the market brings about the prosperity. Therefore, we are never too conventional nor do we follow up trends with blindness. We have discovered the foundation of Chinese cooking culture which has been passed down from one generation to another for thousand years. Therefore, stylistic Linyin food culture has been formed. The food is provided with the “harmony” of Hunan cuisine, “freshness”of Guangdong cuisine, “style” of Shandong cuisine, and the “eleganc ” of Huaiyang cuisine.

Linyin Hotel Limited Liability Company attach much importance to every detail of the operation flow of the enterprise. Through the succession, innovation, discovery of nature resources, and scientific comparison, the standard system for the quality of “Linyin cuisine” is established and the cooking method is improved and innovated. The company also stresses on the cultivation of managerial talent and always trains the staff of basic skills. The company sticks to the policy of “customer orientation, staff centering, taking the quality as the soul, and culture as the source” to establish a brand-name enterprise of Linyin and promote the development of industrialized, large-scale, and collective Linyin.

Now, Linyin is devoted to the construction of first super deluxe and large landscape style five-star hotel in Yancheng – Linyin Holiday Hotel. The hotel will conduct trial operation in 2008. At the appointed time, the business of Linyin will surely be raised to a higher level.


Address: No.43, Jiefang Road, Hengyang

Tel: (0734)8888888

Fax: (0734)8898888

Website: http://cms.z7s.cn/yy/linyin/english/about.asp

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